Looking for the improvement checklist by Aussie Drongo

2 years ago Aussie drongo uploaded a improvement checklist of aoe3 in his patreon for free which I saw in one of his YouTube videos and it looked really neat and useful so then I go click the link in the description of the videos and it shows error 404 and the page wasn’t available so now I come here to ask if anyone in this forum managed to download the pdf and if they could send it to me cause I want to improve, thanks.
This is the video btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyoLDvq8aCE

I got ya buddy, I downloaded it before Aussie betrayed us for Aoe4
Here are some screenshots:

This last one is so old it doesn’t have the African or Malta DLC (Wow, not even Mexico)

I’ve been thinking of making an advanced Improvement video for Aoe3, gotta invest time in it tho…