Looking player for coop / 1v1

hello, i wanted to ask if peoples interested for 1v1 or coop against ai, i am begginer / intermediate level,
main civ chinese, i play against ai hard level, looking to learn and get better
name in game: loki125

If you’re still playing vs hard AI you’re very much a beginner. try playing against hardest until it’s easy for you. Or better yet just start queueing for 1v1’s in the game. You can watch your replays and learn a lot just from that. Look up some build orders for your civ on youtube to get a head start.

yes there are many available build order tutorial, will try

you will never guess with what civ i managed to beat the almighty HRE in hardest :open_mouth:
i was try hard with chinese but got overwhelmed with mma each time :confused: then i picked french and completely crushed it