Looking to hire a modder to edit my custom civ

Hi everyone,

Last month i started creating my own custom civ, hiring a genie expert to make everything i need. However, genie is still limited in the stuff it can and cannot do, for example, giving custom icons and effects.

For my current civ project, i need someone who is able to insert custom icons for several unique technologies i created. I would of course pay via paypal for your time and work.

Heres a complete description of the civ (and stuff thats already done by my friend whos modding via genie):
feudal age costs 1000 food
castle age costs 2000 food 500 gold
imperial age costs 5000 food 2000 gold

start with one fire tower around town center
each new town center build spawns a fire tower nearby
start with jadwiga (hero unit). jadwiga has 90hp; 0/0 amor; cant attack or convert enemy units; healing speed equal to monks; healing range x2
jadwiga goes to 150hp in castle age; 0/1 armor; healing speed x3 than monks; healing range x5, jadwiga starts regaining hp
get a free / can build a free trade workshop that generates resources when reaching next age
mill / lumber / mining camps spawn a free outpost nearby when created
every building gives 5pop (like houses)

villagers gather +100% resources from all kind of animals (so sheep for example has 200 food to collect instead of 100)
all resources last 30% longer

can build an additional town center in feudal age
all economic upgrades available one age earlier

can research one additional economic upgrade in imperial age
stone / gold mining upgrades: 100f 75w +15% (dark age); 200f 150w +15% (feudal age); 400f 300w +25% (imperial age, name of tech: Gunpowder Mining)
wood upgrades: 100f 50w +20% (dark age); 150f 100w +20% (feudal age); #### 200w +10% (castle age); 450f 350w +10% (imperial age, name of tech: Whip Saw)
mill upgrades: 75f 75w +75food on farms (dark age); 125f 125w farms +125f, vills carry +1 (feudal age);
250f 250w farms +175f (castle age); #### 300w farms +175f, vills carry +3 (imperial age, name of tech: Four-Field Rotation)

can build blacksmith in dark age; blacksmith upgrades available one age earlier
can research one additional upgrade for everything in imperial age
infantry and cavalry attack upgrades +1 (dark) (costs 50 food); +1 (feudal); +2 (castle); +2 (imp) intead of +1 / +1 / +1 in blacksmith
inf / cav armor upgrades +0/1 (dark) (costs 50 food); +1/1 (feudal); +1/1 (castle); +1/3 (imp)
infantry imp armor upgrade name: Plate Mail Master Smith
cavalry imp armor upgrade name: Plate Armor Master Smith
cav armor upgrades affects jadwiga aswell
range upgrades +1 atk/ +0 range (dark) (costs 50 food); +1/1 (feudal); +1/1 (castle); +1/1 (imp, name of tech: Steeled Arrow)
range defense +0/1 dark (50 food); +1/1 feudal; +1/1 castle; +1/1 (imp, name of tech: Plate Archer Armor)
unique tech: (available in castle age); name “Angled Surfaces”, description:
350f 250g military units receive 33% less bonus damage

Siege workshop:
cannot make siege tower
can build sige workshops, create rams and mangonels in feudal age
rams can be upgraded to capped ram and siege ram in castle age
flamethrower can be made in siege workshops in castle age, flamethrower firing rate increased by 300%.
attack vs buildings +0 and attack decreased to 1. projectile speed of flamethrowers is also doubled. flamethrowers have ballistics by default
mangonels can be upgraded to onagers in castle age
onagers can be upgraded to siege onagers in imperial age. SO has projectiles that explode like petards
siege onagers have 10range; 120 attack, 0/8 armor, 100hp, 3 blast radius, +60 vs building
houfnice available in imperial age. costs 500w 500g
houfnice should have a big explosion effect when hitting
houfnice has 14range; 90hp; 2/6 armor; 100 attack, 1.5 blast radius, +500 attack vs buildings, takes 3x longer to reload. shows a reload bar like the shirwarma rider when reloading
unique tech: (available in feudal age), name: field repairmen, description:
350w 900g siege workshop units regenerate hp

cannot research supplies
cannot make eagle warriors
arson available in feudal age
men at arms upgrade available in dark age
longswords and two handed swordsmen available in feudal age
champion available in castle age; champion has
champion can be upgraded to royal champs (upgrade costs 1200f 450g) that have the skin of Gidajan (hero unit) in imperial.
royal champ has +4/2 armor, 120hp and 20 attack
jaguar warriors have more attack bonus vs buildings. can be made from barracks in castle age.
and upgraded to elite jaguar warriors in castle age
elite jags can be upgraded to royal jaguar warriors (costs 1200f 900g) which have the skin of Itzcoatl (hero unit) in imperial age
royal jags have 90hp, 2/1 armor 12 attack, +45 attack vs buildings and +40 vs infantry
spearmen can be made in dark age and upgraded to pikemen & heavy pikemen in feudal age
halberdier upgrade available in castle age
halberdier can be upgraded to veteran halberdier in imperial age (costs 350f, 700g)
veteran halb has 60hp, 7 attack, same attack bonuses as halb, attack rate increased by 33%
militia line is capable of building army tent c; army tents costs 15w
army tents have 150hp and explode upon destruction, giving all nearby units 50 damage with 2 blast radius
unique tech: wootz steel (available in feudal age)
700f 500g infantry attacks ignore armor (cav is not affected by this)

cannot make steppe lancer
husbandry & bloodlines available in feudal age (affects jadwiga aswell)
Stable and scouts available in dark age, scouts have same stats as dark age scouts & get the feudal upgrades once you reach feudal
Scouts can be upgraded to light cav in feudal age
light cav can be upgraded to hussar in castle age
hussar can be upgraded to elite hussar (costs #### 1200g) which has the skin of wang tong (hero unit) in imperial age
elite hussar has 100hp, 9 attack, 0/3 armor and the same speed as shirwarma riders
Knights can be upgraded to cavalier and paladin in castle age
after researching paladin, you unlock a new tech named “Extra Bounty” (can be researched in imperial age)
750f 250g description: your paladins get stronger with every enemy unit kill
(meaning)individual paladins get +5 attack for every unit.
for example: when a paladin kills 3 enemy archers, it will gain +15 attack.
new created paladins and existing paladins have normal stats, but they get individually stronger for every unit they kill.
mameluke replaces camel. can be upgraded to elite mameluke in castle age
Crusader Knights available in castle age.
crusader knights costs 120f 150g
crusader knights cant be converted
Can be upgraded to elite crusader knights (costs 500f 2200g) that have the same skin as ulrich von jungingen (hero unit) in imperial age
elite crusader knights have 300hp, 30 attack and 5/6 armor
war elephants available in castle age
can be upgraded to elite war elephants in castle
unique tech: name: chivalry (available in feudal age), description:
600w 500g stables work 50% faster

Archery range:
Archer range available in dark age

  • amazon archers can be made in dark age (normal archers cant be made in dark age);
    amazon archers: cost 50g, 30hp, 3 attack, 4 range, 0/0 armor
    skirms can be made in feudal age and upgraded to elite skirms in feudal age
    elite skirms can be upgraded to imperial skirms in castle age
    Crossbow upgrade available in feudal age
    Arbalest upgrade available in castle age
    Arbalest can be upgraded to elite chu ko nu (costs 500f 750g) which have no reload time, their first and additional
    arrows do 5 base attack each. elite cho ku nu have 5 base range
    mangudai replaces cavalry acher, elite mangudai upgrade available in castle age
    elite mangudai can be upgraded to royal mangudai (costs 2000f 950g) in imperial age
    royal mangudai has 5 range, 95hp, 1/0 armor and 8 attack, but shoots multiple arrows at once like the kipchack
    additional arrows do the same damage as the first arrow
    royal mangudai has 0 frame attack delay
    janissary replaces hand canoneer and can be made in castle age
    elite janissary upgrade available in castle age
    elite janissary can be ugpraded to royal janissary (costs 1000f 800g) in imperial age
    royal janissary can be upgraded to photonman (costs 1600f 1200g) in imperial age
    photonman have 55hp, 40 attack, 10 range, 2/5 armor, 0.5 blast radius
    photonman & janissarys affected by blacksmith archer range armor and attack upgrade. blacksmith archer range upgrades does not affect janissary / photonmen
    can make arambai in castle age
    arambai has 80hp, 12 attack (pierce), 5 range, 0/0 armor, +8 vs buildings; blacksmith range upgrades does not affect arambai
    can be upgraded to elite arambai in castle age
    elite arambai shoots projectiles that have a light explosion effect and does blast damage; projectiles damage your own units if too close like mangonel
    elite arambai: 85hp, 15 attack (pierce), 5 range, 0/0 armor, +15vs buildings, 0.5 blast radius, can cut trees
    unique tech: name: clout archers (available in feudal age), description
    300w 200g archery range units move 10% faster

University: (can be build in feudal age)
Heated Shot makes TCs fire arrows when ungarrisoned (tech gets renamed to heated TCs); (available in feudal age)
treadmill crane, murder holes available in feudal age
Masonry gives 20% instead of 10% more hp (available in feudal age)
Architecture gives 25% more hp instead of 10% (available in castle age)
after researching architecture, Court Architects becomes available in imperial age
cost 360f 220w adds +3 armor, +5 pierce armor, +5 building armor
guard tower tech gets replaced by: guard fire tower (available in feudal age)
100f 250w fire towers shoot twice as fast (the icon of the research tech shows the same as guard tower)
keep tech gets replaced by: keep fire tower (available in castle age)
500f 350w fire towers +1 range; +50% hp, skin changes to same as keep (need to research guard fire tower first
bombard towers shoot 10x faster (projectile speed)
bombard towers available in castle age (requires chemistry & bombard tower tech which is also available in castle age),
arrowslits (available in castle age) also increases the attack of castles, fortress and tcs, does not increase the attack rate of fire towers but gives them +1 attack
fortified walls tech can be researched in castle age
lets you build fortified walls instead of aqueducts and turns all aqueduct walls into fortified stone walls
city wall upgrade available in imperial age (costs 350stone): replaces fortified walls with city walls
city walls have 5000hp, 20/20 armor
ballistics available in feudal age. after ballisitcs is researched, a new tech named “siege ballistics” can be researched in castle age
siege ballistics cost 700f 400g and adds ballistics to all siege weapons (gunpowder units are not affected)
unique tech (available in feudal age), name: Geometry; description
100s 150g all future technologies researched 66% (1.66x speed) faster (including advancing to next age); takes 30seconds to research
after researching geometry, a new tech called “Trigonometry” will unlock (available in castle age)
200s 300g all future technologies cost -25%
after researching Trigonometry, a new tech named “Biology” will unlock (available in imperial age)
400s 600g all units (includes villagers) cost -25% food
geometry, trigonometry, biology have the research icon of chemistry
“Pyrotechnics” unique tech available (in feudal age)
costs 300w 150g, description: houses explode upon destruction, causing damage to nearby units (and your own units)

ratha can be upgraded to elite ratha in castle age
elite rathas can be upgraded to royal rathas that have the skin of tsar konstantin (costs 2500f 2500w) (hero unit) in imperial age
royal rathas have the same stats as tsar konstantin; no hero unit effect; cant regenerate hp
Trebuchet available in castle age: has 200 attack, 20 range, 1/150 armor, and spawn unpacked near castle, cannot be packed again
can upgrade to warwolf treb (costs 800w 400g) (hero unit) in imperial age
warwolf treb has 500 attack, 30 range and does a huge blast damage, the projectile should also have an explosion effect
warwolf trebs take 50% longer to reload each shot
trebs and warwolf trebs spawn unpacked near the castle, but cannot be packed again
unique tech castle age: name: flaming crusade; description:

350g spawn 10 flaming camels (can be researched unlimited times)

flaming camels do more blast damage, have 100attack and +200 attack vs buildings.
flaming camels loose 1hp per second once they spawn and therefore self explode after some time
saboteur replaces petard
Spies tech in castle gets replaced by “field glasses” (available in castle age)
200f 100g gives all units +4 LoS
unique tech imperial age: name: villagers revenge
500f 250g dead villagers turn into halberdiers

can be build in feudal age
each monestary technology gives jadwiga +10 hp
sanctity and fervor affects villagers and jadwiga
herbal medicine available in feudal age
illumination, block printing, theocracy, redemption, atonement, sanctity, fervor available in castle age
Faith gets replaced by Theism (research icon same as faith, can be researched in feudal age)
Theism cost 1000f, description: relics (and enemy relics) generate 100% more resources
heresy gets replaced by Atheism (research icon same as heresy, can be researched in feudal age)
Atheism cost 1000g, description: relics (and enemy relics) dont collect any resources
once researching Theism, Atheism research is disabled. same goes the other way around (so once you research Atheism you cant research Theism anymore)
Theism & Atheism are researched instantly
unique tech: (available in castle age): name: orthodoxy, description:
200f 300g monks +3/3 armor (also affects jadwiga)
unique tech 2 (available in castle age): name: inquisition, description:
100f 300g monks convert faster

donkey replaces trade cart
after guilds is researched, grand bazaar tech is unlocked and can be researched in imperial age
costs 400f 200g, description: trading fee reduced to 5% (same as saracens)

Town center:
town centers can be placed on hills
town watch and town patrol gives +6 instead of +4 line of sight
unique tech: (available in dark age): name: sappers (research icon shows same as sappers from castle tech), description:
500f all villagers work 5% faster

can garrison 5 villagers / units inside
Unique tech: (available in dark age): name: navigator lookout, description:
75f outposts have +4 los

Mill (cost 125w):
farms are 2x2 instead of 3x3
can buy cows in mills (cost 50g)
spawn a fruit bush nearby mill once its build
can buy horses in mills (cost 10f):
horses have auto scout ability (if it cant be done, give horses +2 LoS instead
unique tech: (available in dark age): name: folwark techniques, description
200f farms provide 20 food instantly after seeding

Mining camp (cost 125w):
unique tech: (available in dark age): name: specialized pick, description
200g stone miners generate gold in addition to stone

Lumbercamp (cost 125w):
unique tech: (available in dark age): name: forestry, description:
200w trees contain double the amount of wood

Trade Workshop:
Produces per second: 0.5food; 0.5wood, 0 gold, 0 stone
unique tech (available in feudal age) name: mineral commerce
costs 250g 200s; description: trade workshops start generating stone and gold aswell (0.3g/second, 0.2s/second per trade workshop)
unique tech: (available in feudal age) name:
costs 330g description: turns all your food and wood into 33% gold

docks are replaced by harbors
can garrison up to 5 fishing ships inside harbors
cannot make trade cog
caravel replaces galley. costs 120w 40g; can be made in feudal age and upgraded to elite caravel in castle age
elite caravel can be upgraded to royal caravel in imperial age. has the same skin as thirisadai. upgrade costs 1300f 700g
royal caravel has 250hp, 10 attack, 9 range, 2/8, armor, shoots 3 projectiles which are the same as caravels.
turtle ships available in castle age & upgrade to elite turtle ships in castle age
fire ships available in feudal age & fast fire in castle age
demo ships available in feudal age & heavy demo in castle age
unique tech (available in dark age): name extra sails, descrption:
200s fishing ships +2pierce armor, 2x hp, work rate +10%, speed +10%;
cannon galleons benefit from ballistics and projectiles shoot faster
fishing ships can be upgraded to heavy fishing ships which have the same skin as junk in feudal age, upgrade costs 200f 300w
heavy fishing ships have 75hp; 0/4 armor; collect reso##### like the fishing ships, but carry x3 more food
gillnets can be researched in feudal age
demo ships available in feudal age & upgrade to heavy demo in castle
heavy demo can be upgraded to royal demo in imperial age, upgrade costs 300w 450g
royal demo has 90hp, 200 attack, 4 blast radius, 1.9 speed
careening available in feudal age & upgrade to dry dock in castle
shipwright available in imperial age

Fire tower:
1200hp, 5 attack, 2/9 armor
fire towers are not affected by blacksmith upgrades
have same cost as watch towers
have same skin as watch towers

Villagers can build fortress in castle age
fortress are not affected by blacksmith upgrades (ballistics affects the building)
costs 500 stone; 6000hp; 20/20; 10 attack, 10 range
shoots twice as fast as castles
you cant make any units out of a fortress
you are only allowed to build 1 fortress max

Villagers can build pagan shrine (in dark age)
pagan shrine costs 175w 50s
increases the work efficiency of all nearby villagers by 15% within 10 tiles radius
does not stack up (meaning if you place 2 pagan shrines next to each other, it will not have any additional effect
increases the hp of all nearby villagers by 100%
up to 10 villagers can garrison inside a pagan shrine
unique tech (available in dark age): amazonas revolution, description:
(free) turn all nearby villagers into amazon warriors (can be researched infinite times)
unique tech 2(available in imperial age): name: golden age, description:
300s 600g all buildings work 10% faster

fences replace palaside walls, cost 1w to build and is build instantly
fences get upgraded to palaside walls in feudal age & fortified palaside walls in castle age automatically
aqueduct replaces stone walls and is build 100% faster than stone walls. can be build in feudal age

Colosseum replaces wonder
colosseum has 9.000 hp, extensive LoS and provides +200 population whilst standing
colosseum takes 3x less time to build compared to a wonder
unique tech 1: 20.000f colossal revolution (available in imperial age)
turns all your villagers into elite coustilier
unique tech 2: 20.000w excessive tribute
villagers collect resources 50% faster.
unique tech 3: 10.000g spies
same as default spies from castle
unique tech 4: 5.000s extra-ordinary Smith
units take no bonus damage


Lumbercamp gets destroyed:
spawns “lumber” building which contains 100wood and can be collected by villagers. the wood disappears at 3w/second
if villagers dont collec# ## fast enough it will disappear after reaching 0. villagers collect wood from lumber 10x faster

Mill gets destroyed:
spawns “goods” building which contains 100f and can be collected by villagers. food disappears at 3f/second
“goods” will disappear after reaching 0. vills collect food from goods 10x faster

Trade Workshop gets destroyed:
spawns “loot” building which contains 250g and can be collected by villagers. goods disappears at 3g/second
“loot” will disappear after reaching 0. vills collect gold from loot 10x faster

Marketplace gets destroyed:
spawns “vases” building which contains 100f and can be collected by villagers. vases disappears at 3f/second
vases vill dissapear after reaching 0. vills collect food from vases 10x faster
spawns “broken cart” aswell. broken cart only serves decorative purposes and dissapears after 30 seconds

Mining camp gets destroyed:
spawns “barrels” building which contains 40g and can be collected by villagers. barrel disappears at 1g/second
“barrels” will disappear after reaching 0. vills collect gold from barrels 10x faster

Army tent c:
spawns “smoke” inside it for decorative purposes*

i need someone to add additional icons for all the new researchable technologies, thus have a few ideas to add to my custom civ aswell, like giving jadwiga several new abilities (area heal - YouTube)

let me know if you have any questions, also feel free to add me on discord if interested in helping me out: tyformoneyy#4143

There is a modding topic on how to add icons you should show that to your friend.

Currently its not possible to add a new civi you can only replace a ingame civi.

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I can’t help, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this post! Particular highlights include this:

and this:

Please post this as a serious civ proposal in the Discussion section of the forum. I would love to see the reaction. For the civ name, I suggest either a Crusader state, minor European ###### or a native American civilisation from the wrong time period. Even better if you can somehow combine all three.

EDIT: the censored word is a synonym for Dukedom.

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to have custom icons you need a separate UI mod, currently no way around it. hopefully they’ll support stuff in near future

Hi there,

thanks for the reply, i forwarded that info towards my friend. if the custom research icons can be added via genie editor, he should be able to do it.

i also saw your vids on youtube and recall asking you yesterday if you can do custom mods for me. kinda funny finding you here one day later :smiley: i really liked the idea of having area heal, reviving dead units, and having the priest do a thunder attack to insta kill another unit. for my civ, i would have them as “abilities” for the jadwiga starting unit. im no modder and therefore have no idea how long its gonna take to add those features manually into another civ, but would still like to know if youre free sometime and can possibly do it. Also theres no rush, since the current civ isnt completly done and probably gonna take another 1-2 weeks.

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thanks! :heart:

im planning to post this civ in the discussion section once its fully done, so people have a direct link to download and test it for themselves. also this civ is just part of another 40 (already finished) other custom civilisations

you can make use of them, just open a second genie editor window and copy it over. most of them aren’t really “ability” as they are combined of multiple thing to work together. take the areal heal for example, though it is straight forward (in design), it is made up of 10-20 different units and technologies and effects depending on how many classes you heal, and there are limitation as well.

it is really hard to explain. if the end goal is just to have them work in a mod, I recommend just copy it over.

if you run into issue just shoot me a DM and I can reply

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