Looking towards the Future

I would like to see a rework of ranked to include more and better maps (not only map which is picked by the dev + semi voted map only of the classic map pool) as EW do it right now , this way if someone don’t want to play specific maps , more bans without staying on full arabia which is bad for the game (by someone which was used to play only huns war arabia on voobly :stuck_out_tongue: ) ofc no more alt f4.

Fixes all bugs before adding new content pls, adding new civs is at least not a priority, im even against it since they are already 37 civs ! that’s already too many for me ! Even some civs are missing identities (incas) or are just bad designed (looking especially at cumans(well 2nd tc) goths(too lame + infantry oriented) and sicilians(50% less bonus damage is clearly a problem imo and donjons make the civ too bad vs trushing) which are too inconstant depending of factor and in fact too hard to balance with current design and also portuguese’s feitoria which is a problem because no other civ can respond at all when feitoria’s time is coming, i thought at wonder who can make this for other civ by generating ressources as well but ofc cost a lot less than actual one because with current price it’s impossible to use BUT keep portuguese a slight advantage over wonder which should be different as well like same gathering rate but no 20 pop for wonder while its cost a lot more to build ? idk).

Things like possibility to see a record from patchs ago which i think can be tough since it need to completly remade the way of record works but i have confidence that it will happen someday.

And i think should be a top priority : we should not suffer from lag from others! in the past , if someone has too many pings with us the game was lagging , now it’s fixed , only the user concerned lag and great thanks for that that’s whas a big issue ! But if someone juste have a potato pc we are all running at low fps, and can quickly become unplayable (i don’t even imagine guys which do michi 500 pop with a lot of siege onager how that’s must be completely unplayable and even crashing).

The game is in a good spot and i don’t think we should do a lot of nerf i can see only few civs which require it like the chinese which must become more easiest to handle at low elo and at the same time less strong at higher elo , it’s really hard to explain at a 1400 elo to not play this civ because you will just struggle with, while the civ is clearly top tier and one of the most feared at top elo , even at my elo (1800) i feel like that is not the strongest civ at least for arabia, i would ranked vikings for example better which i think juste need free wheelbarrow / hand cart but need to be researched it will probably fix it.

I could see teutons which are currently too bad vs non-cavalry civs especially vs cavalry archer civs and turks which are too bad also vs crossbow + pikes , and also spanish which are missing eco or military bonus for feudal / early castle age i don’t think the bonus of builder + blacksmith one is enough.

Outside of mangudai in post imp only (not castle age) and eagles only in ew (which i think can be resolved with something like taking away the barracks but keeping the possibility of building archery range or stable instant and maybe having 1 spear at the beggining ?) i don’t think any unit is broken
PS : a strong unit which can be countered is not broken for me so things like war wagon are ok for me even if it will understand if this unit can be a little nerf (or nerfed ? dunno what is the correct word for it?)

Ah and just remove burgundian’s unique tech that’s is frustating and impossible to balance. Sicilians one can be ok but flemish relovution is not aoe2, i would even say that’s burgundians vineyards is not good for the game but well that’s not the worst and can be ok as well.

Steppe lancer : it has absolutely no use, knight are clearly better in all situations , its cost gold, elite upgrade is expensive : clearly not good for raiding : it need to find a role that the kts or hussar don’t get and that’s really hard maybe a feudal version which can be used for full feudal ?
Some unique units as well like jaguar which i can not see any use outside of deal with eagles or huskarl raid by surprise and not getting the time to go champion +8, and in global infantry unique unit which suffer a lot from supplies :confused: burmese arambai is pretty bad at the moment i think as well but missing experience with the new one so i may be wrong.

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More Challenge scenarios and campaigns ofc, also a SP quickplay.

More bans for TG solo ranked, also that TG ranked as well EW ranked takes into account the 1v1 ELO so all teams are fair (example if you has 1.1k elo, the teams, as well EW, must be on that range). and OFC fic to altf4.And also you should be able to do a custom civ poosl where you ban and priorize civs to use so you aren’t obligated to pick a civ.

The Hussite wagon of the new expansion should be drawn by horses, and also new hotkey to drop of resources at nearest drop point (neccesary to make dropping res easier)… Not sure about others.

Chinese and Mayans are probably the biggest ones to be nerfed and people don’t want to see that, they are wayy to strong at 2k in Arabia, people like nerfs to civs that doesn’t but very few talk about them. Vikings also need nerf on water because they have too many things here. and cmon Burgundians are stupid, early access to eco techs needs to go.

I think we should start closing the buff era since most civs are right now in a fine spot, but maybe a Burmese buff vs archer civs is enough, and cmon rework the Korean wood bonus because is useless on land (replace it to each lumbercamp technology grants +3 carry cap to lumberjacks, is the best thing to do). and Indians deserve a buff on 1v1.

Call me crazy but Arambai shouldn’t get that 100% missing shot damage, is just a silly design, and broken is some situations, especially when Burmese have free lumbercamp techs, massing Arambai is wayy to easy. War Wagon in castle age also needs nerf because of that Double Castle WW (less attack is enough), and lol nerf the Chu Ko Nu because is wayy too cheap and quick to mass, plus too effective in comparison to other archers such Genoese crossbowman.

Elephant Archer and Ballista elephant first, the Teutonic Knight, the first two are incredibly expensive and get soo many counters, Tk neds to be way cheaper in food to be on par with other infantry UU (Berserk and Serjeant are way more versatile to their cost than TK), Coustilier needs to be faster to make the charge attack impatcful (but maybe lower the PA to 1), Flaming Camels and Leitis also needs to be trained faster so those units are finally worthy.


while dlc are good to fund future development and further patches for bugfixed, performance and ablance. I dont really need more stuff of the same. More civs, more similir civ bonuses. this game is reaching its limits, but i understand its necessary for dlcs.

WHat i really want to see thought is more modernizations. for example what aoe 3 has always had and aoe 1 got aswell, that is clicking in the ui on the number of villager displayed collecting a ressource and it will directly select one and with shift it would selet a group of villagers.

Or regional unit skins for generic units and monks just like architecture set.

these kinds of things dont sell well but actually make the game better much more then more civs

Just get some love to underused unit lines, and you’ll easily find some new interesting stuff. It has been a while since we got a Battle Elephant (3 years ago) or especially an Eagle Warrior civ (8 years ago).

Would probably be a free patch. I’ve seen some unit icons for an African monk which is left unused:


I would like to see more unique architecture set, which would operate on client-side for those who prefer a purist experience.

Well you are forgetting that many people have more than 1 account and its pretty unlikely that they do campaigns with more than 1 account. So even if every player of this game plays the campaign you would never reach 100%. So the amount of people who achieved the campaigns doesn’t say much tbh.

I would like to have more campaigns. Especially challenging ones. The last campaigns felt a bit too easy imo. Maybe add a new difficulty? Many campaigns are just too easy, even on hard.

I would like to have many multiplayer campaigns in the future as well.

For multiplayer:

Solutions to alt+f4, punishments for obvious smurfing, fixing bugs/gamecrashes(had another one 10 minutes ago…) or just reconnect feature, better matchmaking, balancing…

I want to see some type of other playlist added where we can do fun maps with no civ picking or position picking

I basically agree with everything MatCauthon3 said
Except maybe those challenge missions, like, that’s what custom scenarios are for, and locking things like civ-specific skins behind them would not be a good idea