Looting Idea

This is a random thought. So historically, when different civs raided each other, they would take away loot, plunder, gold, etc. Devs should add in gamemode where destroyed buildings drop a small amount of food/gold/wood depending what kind of building they are. Create some new looting units that have small attack, but can bring resources back to your TC. When you raid, its more realistic. This could be implemented in Age4… but im still hooked on Age 3 so maybe this could be a game mode.


Ahh! So basically clash of clans , i see. Creative idea though. :slight_smile: , but destroying buildings already gives XP so :confused:

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Currently lacking countries featuring outlaws-unit, maybe developers can adopt

With the Barbary Coast Revolution you have a working looting system that could be used

That would take far too much micro, may I suggest that instead of crates you just get the resources from a destroyed building in proportion to the cost of the building itself (As XP does right now).

This can be like a civ bonus:
"For the CIV, each enemy building grants the player who destroyed it 50% of its build cost".
That would probably work for a rushing civ if they plan one in the future.