Lords of the West and civilization specific castles

Soooo LotW images definitely show that Burgundians and Sicilians have unique castle graphics, I really hope they aren’t the only ones and they actually made a specific one for each civ, it would be ridiculous for Burgundians and Franks to have distinct castles while the Chinese, Mongols, Koreans and Vietnamese all have the same Japanese inspired one
Don’t you guys agree?
Also if it were up to me I would have preferred civ-specific (or at least a bit more accurate religion-based) monasteries and monks, to represent the major religion of each civ, like, currently Lithuanians and Magyars have an Orthodox-looking church and Byzantines a Catholic-looking one, not to mention some of the graphics needed for this are alredy in the game, like the “Shrine” (“Steppe” temple) the Imam (muslim monk), etc


I hope for unique castles for sure. They would be nice addition to every civ.


I think region specific monks is a thing that have the biggest chance to be inmplemented to the game.