Lose connection but my friend doesn't?

I’ve been trying to play against AI with my friend but losing connection midway through the game is common. I always lose connection and get booted to the menu while my friend stays in the game and says I’ve resigned.

I’ve done packet loss tests which come back good I really don’t know whats happening. I usually get around 30-40 ms with the Western UK server we use and I always host if that makes a difference.

Has anyone got any ideas? I really don’t know why its happening. Thank you.

Idk, but you can continue the game, each time a player is disconnected there is an autosave that can be reload

Thanks for replying Ekdal, I did try restarting the game but it broke the AI who stopped playing. I’m not sure if this happens every time a save is restored but I’d like to find out why I’m dropping a lot.