Losing control of units and some keybinds not working

The title really, i thinks its caused by spamming the attack move. My units will just wander off, i will have no control over them and i cant select certain buildings after this happens. It will also when trying to select the rogue units it will select almost all of mine across the map, and they go wandering too. Can’t use the escape key while this is occurring as well, its happened twice and it mightily annoying, its caused me to lose both campaign missions because i couldn’t control anyone. Haven’t read about anyone else having this issue so i thought i would write on, really loving the game otherwise

Hi, same problem notified here : Story bug cant pause or army listen to command ( Steam Version)

I agree. Devs need fix this. It would be good that devs give response if they are going to fix this asap…

Hey @TDRDr3aD and @Guinpin54!

Do you ever regain control? Did you notice if your units went neutral?

I don’t regain control, I think they end up doing what I asked them, but like 30 seconds ago

No they don’t go neutral

Gotcha; so it’s more of a command delay issue?

Honnestly I don’t know… the delay is too long to be sure

I also have problems in the menu. For example if I want to chat in a game, sometimes I can’t. “Enter” on the keyboard doesn’t work. I have to alt tab so it works again, just as the unresponsive units

If you haven’t yet, please contact support here with a summation of your issue and your DxDiag and any Crash Logs? Hopefully it’ll help narrow down the issue.