Lost connection when playing 2v2 with friend

Who ever is not the match maker will lose the connection and drops 3 out of 4 games. Bug? solution? both internets are fine its feels like a game issue.


Do you mean in ranked mode? Same happened to me there. Second player (doesn’t matter who is in the second slot) gets kicked as soon as the game starts. Happened 3 out of 3 times.

Yes in ranked. Has happened 5 out of 8 games for me.

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Maybe it’s a different bug but to me it happens that I lose entirely my internet connection after 20-30 (so for example I disconnect from discord, and i can’t open Google) minutes playing aoe3de and get it back after I quit the game,
Is this the same bug? Have you tried checking your internet connection while you lose the connection to the server?

It has happened to both me and my partner in the second slot. I have a stable connection and never had internet issues so I just think its a bug.

I had the same problem, I lose my internet connection while playing aoe3de despite having a good connection otherwise

I confirm this bug, I drop in 50% of the games right at the beginning of the game. It only happened to me as the 2nd person in a party. It does not happen during 1v1. See screenshot below:

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Yes. This happens to at least one of the players almost every game. So annoying.