Lost Formation Options?

Has anyone encountered this issue, I noticed it prominently with the Ottomans but I later found it with Spain and France, etc. Anyways, so what happens is, once you send Castrametation with just about any European civ, their explorer loses the ability to be put in volley, staggered, melee, stand your ground, etc. The blocks just disappear.

This also happens with the Nizam Fusilier. If I switch from their default volley mode, I cannot switch them back to it. I only have an option for melee, defend area, and stand your ground. That means if I put them in defend area, and they get their ranged damage multiplier against cavalry, I cannot put them back in volley to use their damage multiplier against infantry. Has anyone else encountered this?

Also, random question, do you guys think healers should have formations? Specifically, do you think the Spanish missionary should have it? IF the Missionary had formations, you could easily set them to defend the area or stand their ground, so they could consistently buff musketeers or artillery, rather than fleeing when shot. HOWEVER, that might make Unction way more useful and easier to use. Them lacking a formation might actually be an intentional balance mechanic.

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Nizam Fusiliers bug with Battlefield Construction - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

Is that what causes it for the Nizam, Battlefield Construction? That makes sense, because Castrametation is the issue for the explorers.