Lots of crashes and out of sync in MP games lately

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  • GAME BUILD #: latest build
  • GAME PLATFORM: Steam / Microsoft Store (both)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 11

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a ton more crashes and desync lately.

if its crash, it’ll crash for every player and restore mostly fails
if its desync, sometimes it’ll be just 1 player, and then 1-2 more follows right after. restoral sometimes work but often times 1 player will get disconnected right away right after restore.

whats worse is that it feels like sending bugsplat has almost no effect, especially after 3 patches, 2 PUP and a hotfix, crashes haven’t been addressed. I feel that if the dev just sees MOD they ignore the bugs completely (though I don’t want to assume that, thats how we felt over the last several months).

desync is also horrid as it requires ALL players to provide replay file, thats simply absurd and unrealistic unless you play with close friends. the dev team 100% needs to come up with another way to download all replays from all players just by game ID alone, so the players can simply provide game ID, make it easy for us to help you troubleshoot.

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  • 75% of the time / matches I play (VERY FREQUENTLY)

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  1. play
  2. until desync/crash

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not crash and desync so often


It’s easy to force out of sync .It’s been a problem since 1998 and developers know it.

just need to have enough lagger in 1 game and it’ll randomly drop players

I encouter this problem many times these two days.
All of them are lobby ai game, crashes and out of sync.
Here are some records:
MP Replay v101.102.31440.0 @2023.11.12 114931 (1).aoe2record (8.7 MB)
MP Replay v101.102.31440.0 @2023.11.12 125808 (3).aoe2record (11.2 MB)
MP Replay v101.102.31440.0 @2023.11.12 140333 (2).aoe2record (11.9 MB)

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In order to investigate a desync, we need the desync files, not the recs. We need them from every player because we need all of them in order to be able to find the issue.
Bugsplat is a way to make more easy and accesible the tracking of crashes otherwise we would have to ask for mdumps files, we were doing this in the past.

can’t this be improved? surely the team can have a better system in place to get all the replay files without having individual players upload the replay. it is almost impossible to have everybody upload them especially games are normally with random players.


I second that notion, I still can’t properly report on the desync I had because two players out of 8 didn’t respond or bother getting a desync file. (And for some reason forum didn’t let me upload separate files anyway.)

This feels really cumbersome and I’m sure will also make fixing desyncs harder for devs. It’d be easier if there was some other way of getting the desync files or like, any sort of improvement made so that if one player did decide to report the desync, they could do it in a way that’s sufficient for the devs as well.

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yea, especially the desync are most likey game or server issue. putting the burden on players to collect files is too much. since all games are hosted on MS’s server, they can and easily have access to all replay from a game ID, it should be very simple for them to do.


i just re read this, should it be replay files? at least thats what it use to be isn’t it? what is the desync file and what extension is this file?

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You can find them here C:\Users\your_user_name\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\logs
This is the format: 215277-2022.04.27-17.31.37-p#0-sync

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gonna bump

crash is more rampant after the today’s update… against extreme AI/hardest AI now crashes and its getting worse


haha. First lobby ai game after update crashed too.

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yep same here 11 x20

First MP game I played on the new patch I experienced a crash. It wasn’t a desync I believe, just straight up crash. I had 3 bugsplay windows (submitted 1 of em). I haven’t played since since it’s quite unplayable rn with units just ignoring my order and walking away when you tell them to attack

Totally unplayable since new patch


Tried to play with friends yesterday and 3/4 AI games crashed.


tried the new patch…

qued skirms while microing.



ok lets go for a second game…

oh next game, the enemy got disconected,

he was queing skirms from 2 ranges

2 crashes within 20 minutes, i think its time to call it a day and wait for hotfix


My game is also crashing frequently in this last update #99311, and it has never crashed in older versions of the game.