Lots of lag spikes all the time, after the new patch

After the newest update, my game has become unplayable, yet nothing has changed on my end. I have had perfect flow for months, and I recently got a new computer as well. I have 300/300 internet and 32 GB RAM, GTX 2070 graphics card and overall a brand new PC. I have played both 1v1’s and team games today and yesterday, and there are frequent lag spikes or complete freezes. I can’t believe it is on my end, since nothing has changed here.

Also, when selecting civ, sometimes the screen freezes, you get a “flare” over icons when you hover the cursor over anything clickable, but nothing reacts to the click. The games still stat, but you are unable to pick civilization.

Here’s to hoping for quick resolve of issues like this in a hotfix!


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