Lots of players delete their TC at beginning

this is just an example, I see a lot of player do this to drop elo to smurf in team game, I have encountered smurf in 20 out of my last 30 TG

games (I checked on aoe2 companion app)

Do you get queue penalty for that? I think so, so It’s not very smart.

There’s no legitimate reason to do this, the players that do it more than 5 times should be banned for at least a month, smurfing is toxic

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Could be smurfs which is bad, could also be someone who likes to have some control over maps. And that should be their right, in the latter case you should be thankful they did not wait 5 minutes to avoid the dodge penalty.

This frequency in tg does suggest they are people who want control over maps.

Should be a sign that the system is not matching players properly and should be changed into opt-in.

Well for their sake yes for the games sake no other people getting punished is bad but only the person who leaves should be punished

We are slowly straigh away from the original goal of the developers that map diversity should matter and there are options for it no need for opt in just dont let arabia/arena only player ruin your game expierence

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Their job is to understand the community and make a system which can facillitate a variety of players.

The fact that you think you can squeeze everyone through the same cookie cutter says a lot about your abillity to understand others.

You just mentioned 2 of the most played maps… Imagine standing IRL in front of these players and telling them they can’t play what they want. Is that how you treat the people around you? You start dicating their lives?

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Totally agree with that and some oppresive groups try to force their selfish will onto us ofc they stop it thats one reason why the penality for leaving was made

2 of the most played maps but not the soul center of the game like i said the keyword is diversity in community and maps

I would let them play their map but i wouldt allow them to force their will onto others who also like diversity in maps. And im not desciding their lives they do. But so shouldt they descide what maps we play

It’s incredible how manipulative you are and able to turn things 180° around.

What came first, a history of players preferring maps such as araba or arena or DE with it’s restrictive MM system?

You understand that a diverse community is not the same as a diversity in maps right?..

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I am enlightend in the history of aoe2 but i stay humble because i love the game and dont want it ruined. Dont know what you think whats manipulative on it. I get every point even the one sou made or the others i just dont like self centered arrogance

Well what came first was a good array of maps all worth to be played then arena and arabia preferences through tournaments and then restrictive mm bc people smurf and noob stomp rather then stay on one acc and dodge everything that isnt these 2 maps

Followed by self centerment and ignorance towards the preference of others then themself

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Well because it derailed why having so many maps when 85% are just these 2 maps in playrate

They just lost track

I guess they don’t. That’s why a lot of players do this instead of quitting

I checked on aoe2 companion app…they don’t select maps they just wanted to Smurf. One guy even claimed he has 6 accounts ranging from 1200 to 2000 elo, then he says he doesn’t like to carry noobs anymore and resigned

Hmm yeah I can’t speak for certain here ofcourse, might be different at your elo or you had really back luck. Are these unique users or are you matching the same people?

For 20/30 times someone to be smurfing I rather doubt it, while for them to be mapdodgers seems very likely. Maybe a few were actual smurfs, that seems likely.

I did not know you could see their bans with the aoe2 companion app, I gave It a look and not exactly sure where you can see this. Could you highlight this in a screenshot? Because that’s kinda cool.

No you can’t see. But I checked the match history they play all kinds of maps with no preference so i know they did not resign for map reasons

Considering OP is ~1050 Elo it’s likely that he meets a ton of smurfs since it’s super close to the starting Elo.

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Arabia/Arena players don’t force you to play their map, they just don’t want to be forced to play yours.

The reason why you feel forced to play Arabia/Arena is because these players are the majority, so you get matched with Arena/Arabia players often, and they Alt-F4 your map, because they don’t want to play yours, just like you don’t want to play theirs.

Neither community is wrong. The only thing that’s wrong is that the system matches both together. Arabia players should not be matched with non-Arabia players, Arabia players should be matched with other Arabia players. And Arena players should be matched with Arena players. And diversity players should be matched with diversity players. etc. That’s essentially why we suggest opt-in / unlimited bans, so players can indicate their preferences and do not get matched against players who have uncompatible preferences.

Imagine if suddenly while queuing for RM ranked you were matched with DM players. Obviously you would leave, thinking that’s a bug. Now imagine you requeue for RM, and the system keeps matching you in DM again and again, so you leave again and again, not understanding why you get matched in DM while you clearly don’t want to play that, and at some point the DM players tell you “Bro stop alt-f4’ing all the time, that’s toxic, you only want to play your thing, now we will have to ask developers to punish you”, while you are trying to explain that you’re just trying to work around a poorly designed system. It’s exactly the same here. Blame the system, not the players.


The main thing here :
deleting everything is a simple hack to bypass the penalty system. As such, it should be forbidden.

But i would say this anyway :
why is there a penalty for someone who is not the first to quit ? (unless he queued WITH the quitter)

yes true, i am currently 1111 in 1v1 and 1450 in TG, previously i reached 2070 on TG but in the recent month i face smurfs extrremely often, like more than half of the time, not exaggerating. I dropped to 1450 and struggling to climb up. amazing