Love The New Civs

the new variants look fun to play, especially the new gameplay concepts possible with Jean. if they can pull it off it may be my favorite new civ. love that ERE and Japan are coming as well, just wish this DLC was released a year earlier.

only worry is bugs and crashes ruining the launch like other aoe3/4 releases. here’s to hoping the Q.A. team have this one locked down. aoe3 de/aoe4 launch state was tragic.

would be great if next Civs are Americas/Spain or Vikings/Malay. some unexpected surprises would be fine too. just please don’t take too long with the next expansion, this one was long overdue.


Agree. I just checked the Byzantines Byzantines - Age of Empires

They look fun.

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Yes, maybe the next dlc will be American… the previous dlc was African (Malians and Ottomans) and this one, which is from the Middle East/East Asia/Crusades/Defensive Civs (Byzantines, Japanese, Ayubbids, Joan of Arc, Order of the Dragon,Zhu Xi Legacy,etc etc)…


Agreed, I love all the creative ideas they are coming up with, even if I’m not crazy about the names of some of the Variants.

It’s going to be a blast trying out all these new concepts, but balance is inevitably going to be a little bit crazy with adding so many new civs, so I hope they stay on top of it.

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They are honestly all starting to look great, except the Jeanne civ. It is singularly annoying to me, I hate the hero-centric design. It’s not AOE.

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Adding a true hero unit will hopefully shake up the meta and make the game wild! Jeanne D’Arc may perhaps be the most interesting civ that stands out unique-wise on paper, but it remains to be seen how true it is when we actually get to play these new civs.

I think in the next future expansion, it’s time to add some kind of norse civ like Vikings. I think (correct me if I’m wrong) Vikings are one of the most requested civs behind Byzantines and Japanese, so it would make sense.

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A “viking” civ is definitly needed. Norse or whatever u wanna call. There is a lot of materials to make a super cool civ. I really hope to see something connected to Spain and to polish/lithuanian, before to see something esotic like Thai and so on… and dont forget italians

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Spain, Italians and Aztecs also seems to be quite wanted from what I’ve seen in the community. I think the perfect move for the next expansion would be to include Vikings and any of the three mentioned. (If we assume next expansion will feature 2 full new civs).