Low Elo Legends tournament is 1 year old!

The AoE4 Low Elo Legends tournament is turning 1!

We’ve been running bracketed events for different levels of players for a year now. If you haven’t had a chance, come out and give the event a try! Maximum ranked elo for the top bracket is 1475 (roughly Diamond 3).

Tournament kicks off at 14:00 EDT (18:00 UTC, 20:00 CEST) on Saturday April 8th. Check ins open an hour before.

Sign up over at: https://start.gg/rew28 - you’ll find the link to our Discord over there too if you’d like to learn more. We’ll also be casting the event live on Twitch as usual.

Looking forward a blow out event with participants new and old. As usual there are prizes for the winners and a raffle for participants.


My favorite tournament!

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