Low FPS in Menu Screen After Season 5 update

Issue : Low FPS in Menu Screen After Season 5 update, it is very very low FPS menu is not acceptable.

Reproduce :
Open Age Games
Navigate to any Menu, I choose Observe Menu (just stay there and do nothing until 10 Minutes)
After 10 Minutes, go back to main menu. The main menu is now very slow, and very low low on FPS.

Reproduce occurrence: all the times

Note: The low FPS Menu is not acceptable very low, after experiencing slow FPS Menu , I tried to launch single player game… result is the in game fps is normal.

warnings.txt (122.9 KB)
DxDiag.txt (126.9 KB)

attached warning log and dxdiag.

Hey @darryndad! We appreciate the report. Given that the FPS climbs back to normal after leaving the observe menu, this one will be very low priority. But we will look into it when we can. Thanks!