Low graphigs cannot be changed

For some reason my graphigs stay at the lowest quality even if i want to change them, my laptop is more than capable of handling the graphigs, does anyone else have the same issue?

I know that the game seems to do a lot of auto detecting of settings based upon the hardware it detects.
Maybe reach out to Relic with your specs and see what they can tell you.

From the Nvidia Control Panel, make sure the game is running on the dedicated Nvidia GPU and not on the integrated graphics in the CPU.

Launch Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings in the left > switch to Program Settings tab > Add AgeofEmpires IV (reliccardinal.exe) > Select it to run on Nvidia GPU

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that worked thank you!

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No problem, many players on laptop have this issue

o really? this is the first game myself where i have this problem

I had this exact problem in Anno 1404 and Desperados 3. It’s a good idea to always check there on a laptop, some games might be running on CPU and you dont even know.

indeed! weird that it happens with laptops more than desktops apprently