Low res/System requirement issue?


I just bought the game, and for some reason when it launches I am getting an error just like this about my system not meeting the requirements, and it comes out looking SUPER low res…like it looks worse than old school Ultima games:


The thing is, is that I built this PC not even a year ago. It runs brand new, graphic-intensive games on ultra without breaking a sweat.

I Googled and searched the forums before posting, but did not find anything other than a very similar topic for AoE 3. I followed the steps in the article above, but still no dice.

I have updated my drivers and Windows. Any time I try to raise any setting above low, I get a warning that my system doesn’t meet the requirements. But then I can close the game and launch the new Battlefield on max settings with no stutter or slow down whatsoever.

Please help. It is unplayable in this state.