Lunar cosmetics

How do we use them and what are they?

They are either profile icons that work hte same as the other ones, or mods that are automatically downloaded and activated once you complete the mission.

I just beat extreme ai 1v1 yet no unlock?

Did you use a cheat code? Then it won’t work. If you did it legit and the message wasn’t displaid go in your mod manager and look if you have 3 lunar new year mods and if they are activated. If this fails I guess all is left is to fill a bug report.

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No mate legit all though there is 4 underneath locked so you may have to do them in order :’(

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Welp, it might be the solution then. Don’t be afraid of going in multiplayer, the missions will work even if it’s a coop game against AI.

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I’m just scared of online on this game, I feel the learning curve is huge aha

On top of doing them in order, I think you might have to wait until they are unlocked, too? For example, currently, the recently unlocked item is, “Win 2 multiplayer games with difference civs.” I don’t think it would recognize or respect you doing this until the time that it became unlocked.

This isn’t immediately clear, so I don’t know for sure; but it’s my big hunch. I wish it was a little clearer somehow… maybe have grey font for the ‘still locked’ items, and a little note: “Unlocking soon! Please check back.” Thankfully, I didn’t waste time trying to beat an extreme AI too early :slight_smile: I’ll wait for the padlock icon to unlock.

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That’s why joining a 5v3 vs Extreme AI (for instance) can be a good way for you to complete the missions. Since I did all the mission pretty quickly whenever I unlocked them I thought the new mission were auto unlocked 11

I’m not a huge fan of the multiplayer requirements for this, but it’s okay. Still a fun little event! :slight_smile:

The only thing people do on multiplayer is rush ASAP, and I’m, apparently, ill-equipped for that and don’t like it. Don’t like it, in general. If I’m lucky, as I was once, I was a bit faster than my opponent and they quit as soon as I reached the Feudal Age :smiley:

Two MP games since then, and I get greeted with a bunch of skirmishers at my doorstep before Feudal Age even begins. I figure I can weather the storm, but nope! Somehow they are able to waste a ton of resources on military, yet surpass my economy and number of villagers, too – when I’m cranking out villagers at 100% the speed that you’re able to? Makes no sense.

The last opponent pestered me with like 6 skirmishers early on (pre-Feudal). Then shortly thereafter, 6 or 8 scouts. Then it just got worse from there. Riiiiiight… I think I’ll go back to single-player, lol.

When I tried the above strategy a week ago, my enemy, naturally, wasn’t wasting money on military like me, and so they just aged up faster and got more powerful and won. Brilliant strategy… so I try it and get walloped. Lovely :smiley:

UPDATE: I’m pleased to report to all who are curious, to all my fans, I won 2 of my 3 matches tonight! So, I have succeeded in all challenges, thusfar. I see on the main menu that the next event is locked until around 12am PT.

Welp, last time I did pvp MP it was a 4v4, I was in the flank and the opposing flank went mass crossbow… even though I was Goth 11 I guess it’s pretty luck based. For instance in this vid both players never attacked each other before Imperial.

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