Lunar New Year Update is out! Update 61213

Link is here: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Update 61213 - Age of Empires

All the changes from the PUP are in, with some modifications:

Stability & Performance

  • Improved game start-up times.
  • Improved the time taken to load into a game when the Record Game option is enabled. This is especially noticeable when playing an 8-player game.
  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur when hosting or joining a Multiplayer game lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where, if you accepted a game invite while choosing a file to host a Saved MP game from, the file dialog would remain open and the game would crash if you tried to close it.
  • Fixed a crash to desktop which happened if you minimized the splash screen.
  • Overhaul of UI and model asset loading for memory usage optimizations.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when viewing the playback of a recorded game when it was set to loop.


  • Fixed an issue with obscured unit alpha where, on some older hardware, it would not render correctly.
  • Cruzob Infantry now has a walking animation in Defend Mode and Stand Ground stances.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the civilization jingles to be cut short when the game starts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the first track in the in-game music playlist to be skipped when starting a game.
  • Fixed corruption in a couple of the music tracks: Get Ye Sum and Felonious Junk.
  • Goats now make a noise when created from the African Livestock Market.
  • Surgeons now have voice lines when playing as the Inca, Hausa, or Ethiopians.
  • Villagers now have voice lines when building Walls.
  • Petards now have voice lines when being selected.
  • Added voice lines to various campaign-exclusive units.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Artillery sounds to be audible to the player despite the unit being hidden in the Fog of War.


  • Resources (Gold Mine, Treasures, Fish banks) will now be highlighted when right-clicked by a Villager when the resource is outside of the player’s LOS (Line of sight).
  • Postgame summary now correctly sorts stats when clicking on their header. (e.g. to see who gathered the most Coin during a match).
  • Readability and formatting of text in Hindi has been significantly improved.
  • The “News” dialog has been replaced by the new “Community” dialog which, along with news, contains links to external Age of Empires related resources.
  • Berries spawned by a Torp now correctly show their remaining resources instead of HP.
  • Updated the Game Settings panel in Single Player/Multiplayer Lobbies.
  • ‘Los Colorados Battalion’ card now correctly states it sends 10 units instead of 11.
  • Both Japanese explorers now show their stats on the UI in the same order.
  • ‘Dia de Muertos’ tech from the Cathedral will no longer always display +0.00 XP in the tooltip
  • Updated various Compendium entries to be adjusted for various balance changes.
  • Fixed various issues in the Compendium as highlighted by the community.
  • Fixed various tech tree inaccuracies.
  • Fixed various tooltip issues.
  • Fixed various keyboard navigation issues.
  • The rollover text for the Chinese Village now shows the correct value for the amount of supported population after it has been upgraded.


  • Tambo Travois can now be found with the “Find an idle Villager” hotkey.
  • ‘Mansabdar Sepoy’ now gets selected when using the “Find all of selected type” hotkey on a regular Sepoy unit.
  • ‘Chimu maneuver ability’ has been added to the Abilities Hotkeys menu.



  • Villagers can now build a building from any angle, without the need to walk to a specific spot on a building foundation.
  • War chiefs can no longer kill cattle using Eagle Eye.
  • Cree Coureur can now be trained in the Native Embassy.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mini Deck UI could be open in the Home City shipments view, allowing an exploit where shipments could be sent twice.
  • Fixed an issue where Petards would immediately die without doing any damage to the enemy if you selected a new target to attack while in the middle of the attack animation.
  • Aztecs: ‘Calmecac’ card effect now reduces the Age up time correctly.
  • Ethiopians: ‘Big Benny’ & ‘Zebu Cattle’ cards now make cattle spawn at the Livestock Market.
  • Haudenosaunee: Light Cannons no longer have a Limber and Bombard mode button (there was never a difference between both modes).
  • Indians: Indians can now send non-military cards when they’re fully pop-capped.
  • Japanese: Fixed an issue where Shoguns who would die while training units, would sometimes not correctly return population slots.
  • Mexicans: Chaac Canoe and War Canoe are now affected by the Armor Plating and Carronade upgrades.
  • Mexicans: Militiamen are now upgraded after Revolting with Texas.
  • Mexicans: ‘Conscription’ tech now sends 12 Militiamen instead of 15.
  • Mexicans: ‘Aztec Initiation’ and ‘Tlaxcaltec Chocolate Recipes’ are now added to the Native Embassy after sending the ‘Tlaxcala Alliance’ card.
  • Mexicans: Mexican Generals no longer lose abilities when too many cards and upgrades are sent.
  • Mexicans: ‘Team Louisiana Purcharse’ USA card now sends the correct units for Mexico.
  • Mexicans: ‘California Haciendas’ (California Revolt) card can now be sent if 6 Haciendas are already built.
  • Mexicans: Sennar Horsemen and Askari now appear correctly when playing as the Mexicans.
  • Mexicans: Maya units sent by card and trained in the Mayan settlement are no longer considered different.
  • Spanish: Missionaries affected by the ‘Unction’ card will no longer grant their bonus while garrisoned.
  • Swedes: Sending a military shipment while you’ve sent the ‘Dominions’ card, will now refund the shipment if your “Home City point” is destroyed during shipment.
  • United States: ‘Missouri River Expeditions’ card can now be sent if you’re at your Town Center build limit.
  • United States: Infrastructure Wagons can no longer build Haciendas if ‘Team Alta California Territory’ card was sent first.
  • United States: Wagons can now build Blockhouses after sending the ‘Russian American Company’ card.
  • United States: ‘Rhode Island’ Age Up now provides the correct wagon.



  • Queenston Heights: Native Embassies can now train Lenape Warriors when allied with the Lenape.
  • The Burning of USS Philadelphia: Fixed various minor issues spotted by the community.
  • Battle of the Three Kings: Ahmad Al-Mansur no longer takes up a population slot.
  • Art of War – Artillery: Fixed an issue where the AI names were swapped between players.
  • Learn to Play: Fixed various issues to accommodate for past balance changes.
  • Fixed various icon transparency issues in Story Mode & Historical battles.

Civilization Balance


  • Quechuan Mountaineering: Infantry movement speed improvement reduced to +10% (from +20%); cost improved to 250f 250c (from 300f 300c)
  • Tavern, Saloon and Monastery: Tooltip in the construction panel UI now display which Outlaws and Mercenaries will be available if constructed
  • Granadero: Range reduced to 12 (from 14); cost increased to 150f (from 120); population increased to 2 (from 1) – Note: Granaderos can obtain +2 range from the Ranged Cavalry Caracole Arsenal upgrade
  • Mercenary Landsknecht: Cost increased to 250c (from 240)
  • Mercenary Gatling Camel: Damage per projectile reduced to 13 (from 15); range reduced to 14 (from 16); multiplier against heavy infantry reduced to 1.25x (from 1.5x) — Note: this stacks with general Infantry multiplier for 2.5x total against Heavy Infantry (down from 3x)


  • Manor House: Cost increased to 140w (from 135)


  • Starting Resources: Adjusted to 50f 400c 200w (from 100f 400c 200w)
  • Bank: Build XP bounty adjusted to 105 (from 140); kill XP bounty adjusted accordingly


  • Starting Resources: Starting Goat is now semi-fattened (contains 70 additional food)
  • Consulate (German Relations): Adjusted as follows
    • Food Trickle (I, 250e): Export cost reduced to 200 (from 250)
    • Coin Trickle (III, 250e): Trickle increased to 1.65 c/s (from 1.25)
  • Consulate (Russian Relations):
    • Passive Bonus: Now improves Villager train time and cost by 10% (previously just train time)
    • Blockhouse (II, 250e): Now available in Age I; Export cost reduced to 225 (from 250); now properly trains all War Academy and Castle units (Flamethrowers and Hand Mortars were previously missing)
  • Consulate (French Relations):
    • Food Crates (II): Moved to Exploration Age, now ships 300 food (down from 500); Export cost reduced to 150 (from 300)
    • Wood Crates (II): No change
    • Coin Crates (II): Moved to Fortress Age, now ships 700 coin (up from 500); Export cost increased to 450 (from 300)
  • Temple of Heaven (Age-Up Wonder): The Villager Age-up reward theme has been reworked to a more general economic one
    • Age 1 → Age 2: 3 Villagers (no change)
    • Age 2 → Age 3: 1 Town Center Rickshaw (previously 6 Villagers)
    • Age 3 → Age 4: 3 Rice Paddy Rickshaws (previously 9 Villagers)
    • Age 4 → Age 5: 1200 Export (previously 11 Villagers)

The changes to the Temple of Heaven are intended to address a prevalent gameplay issue in the Treaty game mode where it was possible to get well above the 99 Villager limit which contributed towards the Chinese civilization’s economy being more productive than felt fair.

  • Exalted Steppe Rider (V): Attack and hitpoint improvement reduced to 40% (from 50%)
  • Unit Card: Added colors to all Chinese unit card icons for better recognizability
  • [NEW] Tea Export (I): “Ships 1 Consulate Rickshaw and 100 Export to spend. Also grants a steady trickle of Export permanently.”
  • [NEW] 1 Flying Crow (III): “Ships 1 Flying Crow.”
  • [NEW] Fire Dragon Manual (IV): “Ships 1 Flying Crow and 2 Honored Flamethrowers. Slightly improves their rate of fire.” (10%)
  • [NEW] Year of the Tiger (I): “For each 2 Disciples you have lost, a Pet White Tiger will be mustered to your homecity spawn point (up to a maximum of 12 units).”
  • [NEW] Year of the Dragon (III): “Each Town Center will muster 1 Flamethrower and each Village will muster 1 Monitor Lizard, to your homecity spawn point.”
  • [NEW] Koxinga (500c, IV): “Ships 11 Iron Troops and significantly improves their ranged rate of fire.”
  • [NEW] 1 Flamethrower + 1 Castle Rickshaw (II): “Ships 1 Flamethrower and 1 Castle Rickshaw.”
  • 2 Flamethrowers (III): Updated to 2 Flamethrowers and 1 Castle Rickshaw
  • 4 Flamethrowers (IV): Updated to 4 Flamethrowers and 1 Castle Rickshaw


  • Starting resources: Reduced food to 300 (from 400)
  • Tambo: Fixed an issue preventing the Chasqui from garrisoning in them
  • Kancha: Now supports 15 population (down from 16)
  • Bolas Warrior: Cost increased to 75f 45c (from 65f 45c); damage against Infantry reduced to 0.5x (from 0.67x)
  • Chincha Raft: Build limit now increases by +6 in the Fortress and Industrial Ages (down from +8) – maximum build limit is 20
  • Chasqui: Can no longer pick up treasures by default
  • Quipu Kamayuks (I): Now also enables Chasquis to pick up treasures
  • INF 6 Huaraca (III): May now only be sent once (previously infinite)
  • INF 7 Bolas Warriors (III): May now only be sent once (previously infinite)
  • Renegade Spanish (All): May now only be sent once (previously twice)
  • Schooners: No longer have access to this card
  • 10 Bolas Warriors (III): Reduced to 8


  • Starting resources: Increased to 400f, 200w and 100c (from 300f, 200w and 100c)
  • Settler: Build limit increased to 85 (from 80)
  • Salteador: Cost reduced to 60f 60c (from 70f 60c); Damage against villager units reduced to 0.75x (from 1x)
  • Hacienda: Build limit increased to 7 (from 6)
  • Bandido: Dynamite Demolition charged ability now inflicts 0.25x to Artillery and 0.5x to Hand Cavalry; Hand Shock Infantry adjusted accordingly
  • Imperial Salteadores: Attack and hitpoint improvement reduced to 40% (from 50%)
  • Second Guarantee: Attack and Hitpoint improvement reduced to 15%; Soldado trainspeed reduction decreased to 30% (previously 40%)
  • Observers (II): Now also improves Salteador movement speed by +5% (in addition to usual effects)
  • Machetes (II): Insurgente attack damage improvement increased to 15% (from 10%)
  • Dueling School (I): No longer available to Mexicans
  • Liberation March (III): Trainspeed improvements increased to 35% (from 30%)
  • Man of Destiny (IV): The Mexican General now takes twice as long to train Soldados compared to Military Buildings
  • Refurbished Firearms (IV): Grenade launcher attack used against units is now a charged action with an 18 second cooldown; now inflicts 0.5x to Artillery; minimum range removed
  • Reservistas (IV): Now also improves Insurgente trainspeed by 20% (in addition to usual effects)
  • Seven Laws (III): Moved to Commerce Age (from Fortress); effect tweaked to “All seven unique Mexican units and buildings grant 50% more XP when created, but only if you have created at least 1 of each this game” (previously required 1 of each to always be present on the map or the effect stopped working: Insurgente, Soldado, Salteador, Chinaco, Padre, Cathedral and Hacienda)
  • Tzotzil Uprising (Chiapas, II): Now ships 3 Maya Holcan Javelineers for each Hacienda (down from 4)
  • Maya Crops (Chiapas, II): Maya Crops crate now contains 300 food (down from 350)
  • Rancheros (I): Cuatrero spawn rate increased to 80 seconds (from 70)
  • Native Warriors (IV): Now available in the the Fortress Age (previously Industrial)
  • Central America: Revolution cost reduced to 350 food, wood and coin (from 400)
  • Baja California: Adjusted as follows
    • Revolution cost reduced to 350 food, wood and coin (from 400)
    • Fixed an issue preventing Huntables attracted to a Hacienda after sending the ‘Baja California Territory’ card (R) from improving the production speed of units (such as Cows, Cuatreros, etc)
  • Yucatan: Return to Mexico cost reduced to 2500 food, wood and coin (from 3000)
  • Rio Grande: Adjusted as follows
    • Return to Mexico cost reduced to 2500 food, wood and coin (from 3000)
    • Fixed an issue with Factories where the Heavy Artillery tactic would not spawn any units
  • California: Adjusted as follows
    • ‘Lancers of California’ card (R) now allows Imperial Cavalry upgrades to be researched for free (previously costed 1500w 1500c)
    • Fixed an issue with the California Robber Barons card (R) preventing it from being sent if at the Factory build limit
    • Fixed a bug where California Haciendas card did not increase Hacienda build limit as indicated by the tooltip
    • Fixed an issue preventing 1600 Coin card from being affected by the ‘Pánuco Waterway’ card (Tampico, IV)
  • Texas: The ‘Texas Navy’ card (R) now properly makes ‘Imperial’ naval upgrades free
  • Maya: Adjusted as follows:
    • British Weapons Trade (R): Now also improves Light Cannon hitpoints by +70% cannons (previously didn’t) – note: this change means that Light Cannons must now be shot twice by a Culverin to be destroyed
    • Maya Holcan Javelineer: Build limit corrected to 10 (from 7)

United States

  • Cowboy: Cost increased to 140c (from 130); Bulls Eye Charged Ability range reduced to 16 (from 18) and cooldown increased to 40 seconds (from 30)

Map Updates

  • Standard Maps Set:
    • Added Lake Victoria
    • Removed Painted Desert
    • Removed Sonora
  • Team Maps Set:
    • Added Great Rift
    • Added Lake Victoria
    • Added Ozarks
    • Removed Cascade Range
    • Removed Dunes
    • Removed Highlands
    • Removed Pampas Sierras
  • Treaty Maps Set:
    • Added Bahia
    • Added Guianas
    • Added Ozarks
    • Added Texas

Map Changes

  • General:
    • Several types of Asian trees now correctly contain 300 wood (up from 150 wood) for consistency. This change affects several Asian maps. Standard trees now all contain 300 wood while the large trees (i.e. Baobabs) contain 600 wood.
  • Atlas:
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • Players spawn closer to the edge of the map to have better access to the trees behind their base.
      • Trade routes now spawn outside the base, but the trade post sockets are still within the treaty build radius.
  • Bahia:
    • Fixed an issue where units could walk into the Blackmap and hide.
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • Adjust the position of the native settlements to ensure they’re available during the treaty but also safer during fighting.
      • Adjusted player positions so that players can “close” the map with their walls.
      • Added in base resources.
  • California:
    • Changed some silver mines to gold mines to more closely resemble the legacy map.
  • Dakota:
    • Improved mine spawn consistency.
  • Darfur:
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • Fixed issues with some trade post sockets and/or native settlements not being within the treaty radius as intended.
      • Added in base resources and trees.
  • Deccan:
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • More consistent plateau ramps and cliff faces that don’t interfere with base-building.
      • Removed the tech treasures (such a decreased infantry cost or increased infantry HP).
      • Each team will always be able to build a trade post on a trade route and at a native settlement during the treaty period.
      • Adjusted the native settlements so that the same natives spawn on each side of the map.
      • Added a second pair of native settlements and remove one of the trade routes in team games.
      • Adjusted starting Town Center positions for more consistent starting conditions.
      • Added in base resources.
  • Fertile Crescent:
    • Improved hunt and mine spawn consistency.
  • Great Lakes:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause town centers not to spawn.
  • Great Rift:
    • Adjusted cliff openings for more consistent spawns.
    • Adjust the position of team treasures.
  • Guianas:
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • The cliffs behind team bases have been removed to allow for more space to build.
      • Removed one trade route and placed the natives to that side.
      • Removed or repositioned some of the middle cliffs to create more natural lanes for fighting.
      • Both teams will have access to the same minor native civilization during the treaty period as well as one trade post socket along the trade route.
  • Hispaniola:
    • Updated the map for improved spawn consistency and improved resource distribution.
  • Himalayas:
    • Adjusted how hunts spawn in 1v1 games so that players have one additional intermediate hunt that can be herded toward their Town Center.
  • Honshu – Regicide:
    • Corrected an issue that could result in a player’s starting walls not to spawn.
  • Horn:
    • Adjusted cliff openings to no longer spawn directly in-line with Town Centers.
  • Ivory Coast:
    • Adjusted cliff openings for more consistent spawns.
  • Mongolia:
    • Reworked to be more conducive for games with more than 2 teams.
  • Orinoco:
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • The perimeter trees are less obtrusive, taking up less of your buildable space.
      • One native settlement per team is within the buildable treaty radius.
      • Players now spawn slightly farther from the edge and spread out more. However, players will still be able to close their bases with the map edge and/or river bank.
  • Ozarks:
    • Adjusted how resources and treasures spawn for more balanced spawns.
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • Added additional native settlements for each team.
      • Added in base resources.
  • Panama:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the trade travois not to spawn.
  • Rockies:
    • Adjusted cliff openings for more consistent spawns.
  • Savanna:
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • Each team gets a trade post during the treaty period, however the trade route no longer interferes with walls.
      • Players spread out more in team games and moved from the map edge to allow more space to build.
      • The Baobab trees have been adjusted to allow for better pathing during fights and enough space to properly build a forward base.
      • Added in base resources.
      • One native settlement is within the treaty radius in team games and both natives are within range in 1v1s.
      • Added cliffs in 1v1 matches to create a more defined fighting lane.
  • Siwa Oasis:
    • Reduced the size by about 12% in supremacy games.
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • Trees around the central oasis are denser.
      • Trees around the side oases have been removed, allowing players to wall to the edge of the map.
      • Teammates spawn farther apart, allowing for more space to build during the treaty period and allowing the pocket player(s) on each team better access to natural resources.
  • Sonora:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the trade travois not to spawn.
    • Adjusted how cliffs spawn so they are farther apart and slightly smaller in size.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause some hunts not to spawn when generating too near to trade post sockets.
  • Texas:
    • Treaty specific changes including but not limited to:
      • Trade routes now spawn outside the base, but the trade post sockets are still within the treaty build radius.
      • Added in base resources.
      • Each team has access to one native settlement during the treaty period.
  • Trans-Saharan Routes:
    • Fixed an issue causing the map to scale disproportionately large in team games.
  • Unknown:
    • Improved spawn consistency of starting resources in team games.
    • Improved spawn consistency of spawns with lakes or ponds in the middle.
    • Added team treasures and adjusted he treasure sets used by some the different biomes.
    • Forest density and overall tree count increased for treaty games.
    • Fixed an issue where some native settlements couldn’t be allied with.
    • Fixed an issue where some bonus wagons weren’t useable for all civilizations.
    • Fixed an issue where the trade route would spawn closer to one team than the other.
  • Yucatan:
    • Fixed an issue that could result in mines spawning atop inaccessible cliffs.

Lobbies & Matchmaking


  • The tooltip for a hosted multiplayer game now correctly shows the number of human players who have readied in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skirmish screen would not remember the previous map that was played if it was a Custom Map.
  • Saharan Routes – LOST can now be randomly chosen with the “African Maps” selection (Multiplayer only).
  • Whispers are now filtered for profanity.

Great update. Thank you devs. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this epic update/event, Chinese cultural event, this is brilliant. I wish we had the same kind of cultiral/civ events for DE2 as well. De2 Events usually suck. Completely void of imagination and vision.
Please go aid the DE2 devs and show them how to make proper events.
(And please someone ,give us more content / improvements for DE1 as well. Events, more civs and regional unit skins please)


Great update, actually agree with almost anything. Only strange change is removing schooners from the inca, seems a weird one that nobody was asking for now inca will never be used on water.

One feedback, revert the french consulate changes, it being all available in age 2 is much better tbh


Fun update, love the AI and performance changes. Running good

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Nice patch!

Artwork devs

I think I’ve never praised the developers who did the artwork/design.
I’ve noticed the cards have got considerably better and better at quality and design ever since that patch with new cards for Aztecs.

I’m really digging into these bright colors because we can actually see what is printed in the cards (some legacy cards don’t present lines or definitions at all, we can’t see what they are in-game, they look like smeared paints :smiling_face_with_tear:)
So yeah: you guys have been doing a great work! :clap: :clap: :clap: And it’s not being unnoticed! Those new Chinese cards are lit :pray:

Game development devs:

Awesome seeing China as well as problematic meta civilizations being addressed.
Any chance of us seeing the viability of forgotten things in legacy this year?:blush:

  • Minor civilizations (more techs, alliance needs to be cheaper to become viable),
  • Exclusive technologies from church cards are overall not good.
  • Healers are irrelevant (a simple +1HP/s every age after Commerce Age like in the FanPatch would be a decent baby step)
  • Melee infantry is really bad and always (among other causes) detrimental to Musketeers.
  • A billion of other things. Give yourselves a break from new civilizations:heart::heart::heart:

Map developers

It’s just so rewarding continuously seeing a new map every month! And seeing that you folks take the time to look into making some maps more balanced really pays off.
I think this is as good as adding brand new maps (but with much less effort) so you always manage to bring something “old new” or “brand new” to D.E. every month and keep the game fresh. :clap: :clap::clap:

edit: grammar


very low fps when i update this patch.i hope this issues will been processed as soon as possible.


Could anyone advise how to unlock the accomplishment for the Chinese armies from academy, castle and home city shipments?

Just make a throwaway deck with only the army shipments, play on easy with high resources, build a barracks and castle, train armies and send the army shipments when ready :slight_smile:

In other words, cheese it.

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Do what FiveWind said. The 5 deck cards are the Mandarin Duck squad in Age 2, Iron Cap Princes’ Army and Beiyang Army in Age 3, and Emperor’s Army and Ever Victorious Army in Age 4

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Could you do a screenshot?

They re the military shipments that has “army” in their name. They have banner armies flags.

Here you go

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other than mandarin duck squad, that 1 doesn’t have army in the name, does have the usual banner though.

I’m stuck at 12/13, for some reason I can’t get it to register. I’ve played more than one match now in which I definitely deployed all 13 armies. I built the custom deck and everything. Even validated the files in Steam, as someone on the Steam forums mentioned that, but still no luck. :frowning:

Make sure you are using the five deck cards listed above. New Army in age 2 and the merc army in age 4 do not count.

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Oh gosh, that was it, I had the Merc Army. Thanks! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi Manu an der gleichen Stelle stecke ich auch fest. Obwohl ich alle Armeen in der Akademie und der Burg und Homecity gebaut oder geliefert habe, werden bei mir nur 10 angezeigt. Was mache ich falsch?

Hallo Quasi! Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie Mandarinententrupp im Zeitalter 2, Beiyang-Armee und Armee von Prinz Eisenhelm im Zeitalter 3 und Kaiserliche Armee und Immer Siegreiche Armee im Zeitalter 4 senden. Neue Armee und Mandarinsöldnerarmee helfen nicht, die Herausforderung zu meistern.

Bitte verzeihen Sie grammatikalische Fehler. Mein Deutsch ist sehr eingerostet.

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