Macbook 16inch 2019 End Age of empires 4

Dear community,

I was a hardcore gamer until my age went to 26 and im now 30. The game industry is not the same as it was and this is also a reason while im not gaming a lot anymore.

I am still fan of older games like this game, so when I heard that it was released I was in the TAKE MY MONEY mode, after the purchase I noticed that the game was not for mac. Immediately I thought bootcamp, so I spend a hour of 2 fixing the boodcamp and the game started. I was soooo happy, after couple a second the loading circle in the left froze and it crashed.

This was for me the reason to find support oversea’s that brought me to you.


I have spend over 4.5k on my mac and maxed it out, is there anyway to play this game on the macbook?

Sounds like a driver issue. If I were you, I’d try out Parallels for Mac instead of Bootcamp. You can use it alongside macOS and you don’t have to put up with the awful sound quality that Boocamp provides. Alternatively you could use third party drivers for your GPU from

I can run AOE4 on bootcamped Macbook Pro 16inch 2019, only it’s hot and noisy when play.

Make sure your drivers up to date. You’d better update your macOS and bootcamp before install Windows.

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