Madrasah and Orthodoxy as unique Monastery techs

So ok, in the previous posts people called the above techs useless, but what if we instead of getting rid of them assign them as unique techs for a monastery of a specific civ? For example, Saracens will have Madrasah as their Monastery unique tech, Orthodoxy will be the Monastery unique tech of the Slavs, and Inquisition can be a Monastery unique tech of the Spanish. We can also think of other Monastery unique techs for other civs to be historically accurate and to be balanced at the same time.


There’s no need for this.

Those techs were removed for a reason, and Bengalis already got “free Orthodoxy.” If Madrasah were to be re-introduced, it would be best as a civ bonus rather than a paid tech (in one of my civ concepts I baked a related effect into an Imperial Age monk upgrade).

I do think the idea of UTs researched in other buildings has some merit, but it would be less disruptive to introduce this on a new civ, rather than move existing UTs around.


Do mean they would be researched in the monastery?

Unique techs outside of castles would be a big change for AoE2.

This is something AoE4 does which I think is a nice improvement, but many may disagree with that.

Maybe a new civ could have their gimmick be more unique techs than usual, to not shake things up too much.

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If we will introduce it in a new civ and won’t touched existing ones, it might become OP.


I won’t mind bringing some old UT techs. I strongly believe we need more generic techs to be introduced and bringing back some removed UTs will be a good start. For example, Boiling Oil will be nice to have in University for some civs.

However I don’t want UTs researched in Monastery.

True. Imo if any building other than Castle can research UT, it should be TC and Wonder.

generally speaking i think we need more generic techs to spice up the game and some units lines instead of more unique techs, and Orthodoxy was already re-used as a civ bonus for bengalis and it’s not a good tech to have i think cause you obviously could not give it to aztecs, but then every civ that has it has comparable monks to aztects, which should not be the case.

as generic tech, both those techs should be a tad nerfed, like +1/+1 or +2/+2 armor top, but then would be a indirect nerf to bengalis cause they would not have it, and even if they have it for free it would be a nerf from their actual +3/+3

better to just add new techs imho


Having Unique or Regional Technologies in a building other then a Castle would have some advantages.
It would allow players to get them without having to build a Castle but also unlike a civilisation Bonus they would get it for free in Castle Age.

Having to build a University is a lot cheaper then a Castle. Or if the tech is in the Barracks, Archery Range, Stable or Monastery you don’t even need to construct additional buildings you just need to invest time and resources.

Something that could be a nice way to slow out some civilisations that have some too strong early Castle Age. Make their Castle Age civilisation bonus a unique technology that doesn’t require a Castle.

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Rather than bring them back as UT, maybe it would be interesting to have them be shared by civs with the same religion historically. It may also help make the monastery less christian centric. And when several religion were represented among a civ over the course of its medieval history, it could be presented with a choice in the form of tech buttons with no cost or research time.

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Orthodoxy as a monastery tech available to Byzantines and Slavs would have been cool :+1:.

Plus Bulgarians, I guess.

The player will still be obliged top build a Castle because it have a UUs, Petards and Trebuchets.

Except when you build Blacksmith before Siege Workshop.

Yes. I looked at another game’s wiki, [University (Empire Earth) | Empire Earth Wiki | Fandom]. I think Boiling Oil will be equivalent to Oil Lamp. I also see that it have the same Dry Dock tech and Strengthened Concrete (equivalent to Siege Engineers).

That’s exactly what I was proposing. For the balance of other civs as I stated in the original message we can create a Monastery UT for every civ there is. For example, Japan can use Shintoism which will give their monks either broader range (conversion) or better line of sight…

Something like regional technologies? Like, give mesos chinampas instead of wheelbarrow, with different effects (or maybe the same effect), just to make the game more diverse?

Yes, I know that chinampas were an Aztec-specific thing, but just to illustrate the point.

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That’s the idea, except I was thinking more about specifically religion oriented techs. But regional military or economic techs would certainly be an interesting idea too!


But producing different effects or just changing the name and icon? If the former, wouldn’t it make the game a little more asymmetrical?

I like the idea, but I imagine it would have some impact on the balance.

Different effects. UT already make the game asymmetrical, I don’t think this would be too much…

It’s about the timing.

If a bonus is to strong when it’s instantly applied in Castle Age but would be to weak if you had to build a Castle first then putting it into a building you need anyway would be a compromise.
Having to research a technology for 1 minute would idle this building for a minute while also costing resources, delaying the timing of the push.

I was proposing exactly that. Sorry if my message wasn’t seen as obvious. :smiley: