Magyar situational buff idea

I had commented on a post, but I have come up with a slight check on it.

Buff: Do not require barracks to build archery range or stables (similar to Khmer).

Check: Free attack upgrades at Blacksmith either require Blacksmith or a Barracks.

Reason: The Magyars have one of the best scrushes in the game when they reach there. But their economy is too slow to get there before the walls are up. Having no dark age bonus means they do not have any advantage over say Saracens or Turks when scrushing. Even Goths can have a faster scrush because they save 24 seconds on loom.

Saving 175+ wood means advancing 2 villagers earlier. The Barracks requirement being waived off is because they are an archer and cavalry civilization having no need of barracks after Feudal Age, except for the odd counter unit. The Barracks requirement is only waived off creating a range or stable and not ageing up.

In case someone plays them conventionally building a Barracks or going for a drush, nothing changes.

The Stable can be build immediately hitting Feudal Age, saving atleast 175 wood on Barracks. If wanted a Blacksmith can also be built parallely, to gain the attack upgrades, saving atleast 25 wood in dark age.

Magyars are fine as is. If you don’t want to execute a 20 pop scout rush you can still go MAA + archers and pierce through walls and transition into arbalest, HCA or cav. They don’t need an economy bonus with so many good options.


By copy pasting the Khmer bonus you also copy paste the downside, ie.people will attempt super low pop scout rushes and then be all surprised when they lose to the enemy scout rush because they can’t make spears and they don’t have the eco to wall. I can see the “mAgYaRS hAVe lOw wINrAtE pLS bUFF” complaints right from there.

Then use m@a. And scouts can still get map control even after walls are up. Even I am not biased enough against walls to gobble this 11

Idk, you have cheaper scouts (save Food), free +1 attack (save Food), With this discounts you can up early or use these resourses to research +1 defense.
If you apply this no-barracks bonus, save even more resourses for Bloodline.
Think about it, an scrush with FU scouts earlier? It is too much I think…

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What’s a scrush???

Their cavalry is super powerful in early stages. Any further buff will make them untouchable

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Scouts rush…

it has T&C. If you are going this route, attack upgrades wont be free.