Magyars wolf bonus


I know that’s not a priority, but I really hope devs can do something with this bonus one day.

From a global perspective Magyars are an awesome civs, with one of the best scouts rush, a nice UU and a lot of good late game options. But at the same time it feel like they struggle finding their place on a wide range of maps, and lacks for a real identity with few useful bonuses.

I like the intention with the wolf bonus, it’s not that impactful but at least it give them something really unique… But even more useless since they halved the predators numbers.

Maybe there are better ways to enhance Magyars a bit, but I think they should try to enhance the bonus. For example :

  • Villagers kill wild animals in one strike. The amount of wild animals on the map is increased.
    (Depending on the maps and players number. Predators will also spawn closest to starting TCs)

I think it could help them a bit on some cases : opponent wouldn’t go forward with one vil, build a sneaky dock on hybrid maps, wall early, landing on island, go for a drush, etc. As Magyars would be able to do all those thing, with sending just a vil and have a little strategic advantage.

It’s maybe not the best idea, because people don’t like wolves so much and at the end of the day it won’t change that much. But the bonus has potential to become more than just a meme.


Agree. In general, i really think the wild animals should play a better rule in the game, and as you said it is better to make maps have more wild animals, for example Arabia should have like 10 wolvs at least, and they should be around resources, lakes, deers and around the base and on Neutral resources.

However, all these things will not make Magyars wolf bonus is that useful, because the bonus itself is a laughable and meh bonus, and Magyars in general don’t have any eco bonus, but of course they don’t need because they are good as they are now. If Magyars need something, maybe a little bit minor eco bonus to help them in Arena or closed map in general, but still it is hard to buff them bceause their stats are not bad.

That still not a “great” bonus for sure. The aim is to make it at least a bit useful in most of the game, compare with the current state where it will maybe save you a vil every 20 games.

Like you I think Magyars don’t need much to be a greater civ. More uniqueness is one step, a tiny eco boost could also be a good consideration.

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The number of predatory animals has been lowered in a DE update for some reason. They probs didn’t think of Magyars when doing that for sure.


Rip anyone who tries to drush and loses his on military so can be countered easily

Well, that still can happen to Magyars, too.
Which is why I think they should extend the bonus to all military units. Still not a great bonus, but at least it ocassionally will have an impact. Give you a safe drush or m@a opening.