Mahayana Unique Tech 🚮💩

No, reread what I said.

I agree with your proposition that Mahayana would include trade units and fishing ships.

Tangentially, I mentioned that in general, the villager count number should also include fishing ships and trade units, as it doesn’t right now. I’m talking about the villager number next to your resources, not Mahayana.

As in, right now if you have 10 villagers, 5 trade carts and 5 fishing ships, the villager count will still show 10 while I’d like to see it as 20, and that would be a toggleable option.


I think trade units and fishing ships being affected by Mahayana would be a fine change.

I suspect Mahayana is a reason why Bengalis lack a lot of final upgrades for their units (no Thumb Ring, Hussar, Plate Mail armor). The tech is supposed to make it easier for them to field elephant units, and the devs probably left out these final upgrades to ensure that generic units wouldn’t be overwhelming if players opted to go for mass numbers of them instead of elephant units. It’s also probably what lead to _Paiks being made, although I’d prefer it if most the civs that didn’t get Thumb Ring had access to a different tech instead that still granted an accuracy boost. That way _Paiks could be removed/repurposed into something else, instead of just being a substitute Thumb Ring.

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I agree on the trade carts/cogs/fish part and the tech made a bit cheaper, but otherwise it’s great to free space for a civ that has elephants

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I found the tech to be pretty useful especially on arena. Maybe mahayan cost can be halved to make it a value proposition. A flood of elephants should be possible with Bengali eco and mahayan combined.

I am propositioned this in other threads too. I believe it is elephant archer which is a weak link for Bengalis and Dravidians. We should buff elephant archers base stats. The costs can be hiked proportionally as well. It will help all EA civs. Currently EAs are an unaffordable yet terribly weak and boring version of the cavalry archer. We should make it as distinctive as possible from cav archer. If a civ has both, the player should feel like elephant archer is a better unit for defence than cav archer. The role should be apparent when training the unit. It should not be a unit created due to lack of alternatives and should have it own USP.

Currently the units Bengalis create like Rathas, EAs and monks don’t carry the game for Bengalis. So Mahayana is not helping. But it is a good tech otherwise.

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So what is the opinion poll here?

  • Mahayana needs to be changed
  • Mahayana needs no change

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In the PUP Mahayana now affects Monks.

It is still broken if it doesn’t affect all civilian units (including trade and fishing units)


Yeah, lot of good that Monk thing, ay?

It’s much more fitting than having it NOT affect Monks, but it’s not enough.

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