Why is the maintenance ALWAYS on Europe’s prime time !! this bother me so much !!! also the maintenance happen quite often, this is very old school … someone should let the dev know we just enrtered 2021, we’re not in the ninetees anymore …


the devs are literally based in europe.


It is kind of the end of the peak of prime time. I would suggest moving it just 1-2 hours later.

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The devs only care about USA and Canada. This is obvious since they lied that Lords of the West will be available one day earlier for the people who pre-ordered it.

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yea exactly ! so why do they not do those maintenance at like 10 am


Yeah 9AM, the beginning of the usual European work day is when the player numbers are the lowest. Kind of would make sense to maintain the servers at that time.
Its not like its a small difference. In the past week the difference between player low and player high was the lowest at 13k vs 26k and the highest between 9k and 29k. So its a minimum of twice the amount of players up to three times the amount of players that are inconvenienced by this timing.

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Depending on where you live in the EU, it is already 10 AM when maintainance starts…

Based on the number of players (steam data), EU has the largest player base. So it would be reasonable to look at this.

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yeah exactly, i mean I paid for the game, and every month almost i just can’t play … How do other games do seriously …

I heard Voobly also had maintainance regularly, but it was done on wednesday morning (for EU), which was a much better time for most players. They even had weekly maintainance afaik.

So monthly maintainance is already a step forward. Only the time isnt an improvement.

This may sound dumb. Doesn’t Europe have different time zones, or did EU agree to a central time zone to do business by?

man its a couple hrs, 1 evening every few weeks at worst case scenario… its not the end of life, no one is getting hurt, you dont pay a subscription fee so you arent losing money…

i say let the devs do it when it suits them…


There are three time Zones in the EU. The UK, Iceland and Portugal seen as the standard, most of the EU as +1 and everything East of Poland +2, so there is very little difference between that.

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it’s not te end of te world, but it would be so simple to fix … that’s wat botering me

And I’m not even talking about the "1 - 2 hours " . . .

there are a few time zones but only a couple of hours of difference between portugal and russia, so if they would run the maintenance in the morning, no one would really be impacted

What i find laughable is how often this forum treats the devs like they’re idiots. There’s very likely a reason why the maintenance is at the time it is. Even then for me it’s like 10pm. And even later for the rest of the EU. So if anything it’s the end of prime time. But yall acting like it’s slap bang in the middle on a weekend.

“fix the bugs”. “fix the servers”. “fix the lag”. “but only work when it doesn’t inconvenience me at all”