Is it just me or maintenance always happens on europes prime time ?
Why do they not do it during the morning ? like : european maintenance => EU morning time, US maintenance => US morning time etc

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Go to bed, wake up the next day with a little more sleep than usual, your body will thank you

Also there is no Maintenance on Voobly (only Wednesdays in the morning)


Maintainance is done by people from the US during working hours. Your idea means they have to work more outside working hours. Also i think they need to do the maintainance at all servers at the same time, so splitting that isnt really an option, otherwise they just maintain each server 1 by 1. In the mean time everyone could still play the game.

Also the already moved the time to one hour later. This is already at the end of the prime time, where the number of players playing the game quickly drops.


Iā€™m agree with @Player160296336. If there is not possible do it in the morning of each region, at least do it 1 or 2 hour later than usual.