(Major issue) Many People Banned For Long Periods of Time for Minor things

Many people recently have been banned for weeks for little to no reason. No one should be banned from the game unless they are cheating. There is a mute feature in game plus there is a censorship system, so why are people getting banned at all? There are many issues in game regarding latency visual bugs etc. Yet the staff ban people when they enjoy this game and do not cheat. With the update out I suspect that many people will get banned and will be unable to play the game and the update for themselves, I encourage you guys not to buy the DLC until the issue with staff banning people is resolved.


Care to share the ban reason?


It says negative behavior, but I dont understand why they would ban for that if they have a censorship and mute system? Why would they ban for that? It doesnt make sense!

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There are people asking for a ban for alt f4 because of not playing their favourite map. :upside_down_face:

Ban is necessary for holding player behaviour accountable, to tell them such actions are not tolerated by the current community. Idk the reasoning of those bans but to say banning is not necessary is debatable.


Have you tried emailing AoESupport@microsoft.com? (If you think it was unwarranted)

I found that email address here. It may or may not help, but if it were me and I felt I didn’t do anything wrong, I’d probably email them

And if you know you didn’t do anything wrong, could it be a bug that should be filed in the bug report section?

Suspension for bad behaviour? That’s ok. It will discourage people saying racist things or wishing illness on their teammates just because the match didn’t go as planned.


Yeah, being very toxic, etc., should probably be ban-able reasons. Cheating is one of the more obvious offenses, but there are others

That said, it might be nice to have a list of some of the offense types and the punishment associated with them.

Obviously, a comprehensive list wouldn’t be possible, but at least maybe a guideline? Not sure. I don’t know what standard industry practice is here. It seems like I’ve heard other game developers (like Rockstar and Activision, maybe?) issue bans swiftly without showing a list first :slight_smile:

To be honest, sometimes I’m a little shocked by ban reasons. I’ve read news stories in past years of gamers finding a multiplayer exploit where they can get a lot of in-game money, but then get banned for it. As an innocent gamer, I wouldn’t have known that taking advantage of a game quirk like that could result in a ban. Thankfully, I read the stories so now I would have some hesitance :smiley:


they are banning for bad behavior now? good


Yeah, i am wondering the same. Do the devs really look into reports nowadays? That would be great. Finally people get banned for bad behavior.

I have seen some threads in the last days about this, and the common theme seems to be the lack of info. ‘Negative behavior’ isnt really a clear statement. I think the devs need to explain the reason a bit more.


Can you be more specific regarding your ban reason?

edit: I mean what has he done (and guys he knows)

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Given other threads, i really think this is all the info he got…

Yeah if you get banned thats all you get. Not even the knowledge on what game the ban is based of. Met some guy in TG, who got real toxic when we lost first game… later met him again in random queue, well then I lamed him to death (stole sheep (with celts), and walled his tc in). Guess that resulted in the ban (Yeah I get it is childish behaviour, but well… he did SimCity build order the first game and then told me to be noob (ok he kinda is rigth there xD).
So what have I learned from that? Well I will never tell someone to be quiet or even play with someone I know could be toxic… I just Alt+F4 if people get toxic, since everyone then thinks it could have been the classic disconnect issue.
Another thing coming to my mind: I had a FN game lately, Teammate build a wonder (since host chose standard victory…), we were winning nevertheless, so we told him to delete his wonder (to have more fun), what he didnt… so we attacked him with onagers, and he defended with onagers. We had some fun, and kinda mature chat, where noone got offended or something. But I guess if someone would report that game I would get a ban again…

Nah, in 1v1s absolutely not. I want to be allowed to quit a game if I dont feel like playing it. Just make the elo adjust for people that alt f4 in queue. If I dont want to play a map, let me quit whenever I feel like it.


the fact you didnt even mention walling vils in corners after you loat, or going afk, as bannable reasons, makes me think you did one of those things.

So we alt f4 ed and unfortunately got punished for it, yikes. Thats just my assumption, since you didnt say what you did. There are always 2 sides of a medal.

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Lol. You know you can play around censorship systems? Just chance one letter in swear words. Then you can type all racist stuff you want.

Obviously you get banned for that. Unfortunately it is habit that some people never got rid of after being 12…

Yes you can mute them but it doesn’t matter, it still leaves bad taste in your mouth. And if they do it once, they do it almost every match.

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Yikes, that doesn’t seem like that should cause a ban. Hope that wasn’t the reason. To me, that is just playing the game. I mean, it is atypical gameplay style and it is too bad for the other person, but a ban? Seems like a very subjective reason.

If you didn’t have toxic chats that maybe actually caused the ban, then maybe a list of some behaviors and gameplay techniques that aren’t allowed really should be provided.

Good points about ALT+F4 above. I don’t play much MP, so will defer to your experiences and expertise. ELO hits should, indeed, suffice for some infractions. Then again, what do you do about people who don’t care about ELO, so keep doing it?

I mean how much does it hurt anybody? You are in queue for 1-5 minutes usually. Then you get an opponent and he quits, because of what ever reason he has for it. You just lost 5 minutes of your life due to waiting. Big deal. If he stays in the game he loses something around 20 minutes of his life, doing something he doesnt want to do.

Is it considered cheating if cheats are enabled in a game?

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The toxic chat came from him as you can imagine, when ur teammate walls in your TC 11

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