Major Patch/DLC Idea(no new civs or major balance rework)

Natures Wrath! (title for this patch/idea)

The first change would be a rework of treasure guardians as to make them more consistent when killing them and when engaging them. (this will definitely effect the veterans more as they have mastered the “quirks” of killing treasure guardians; that includes me!)

I want to limit the cheesiness of killing treasure guardians as to make it a bit more fair for the newer players getting into the game(what few that do) and a change of TYPES of guardians their are. The types that I had in mind would be the animal guardians being over all harder to spot (explorer needs to be just out side of melee range to spot) and guardians will auto attack once units get to close AND in turn make the free resource treasures(no guardians) easier to spot (as they are now).

As for the human guardians they would be easier to spot then others and maybe even an auto ping on the map (maybe in the settings this could be adjusted as unkown maps would/could go crazy with the pings) as they would be a huge threat to anything that gets close to them as they to will auto attack once in or around melee range (like a range of 3 or less)

The over all changes to guardians is to make them feel more meaningful and threatening when exploring and also rewarding in finding them and then killing them(maybe even hiring them?). Also makes rushing needing a more planed/explored/safe path for units to travel through.

With these changes would also come how the over all spawning of treasures happens for example ALL maps will start with at least 1 free treasure AND the explorer will AUTO pick up free treasures near by at game start or when auto explore button is in use will also auto snipe single guardian treasures (and is on by default, noob friendly) this will HELP noobs SEE how your explorer is also a boon to your economy and HOW it should be used (not optimally but an idea of what to do with explorer). As they play more games they would notice there explorer dying because it is on auto explore and ends up stumbling across a pair of bears or large packs of wolfs/tigers and what not and learn to micro them better as the auto explorer will also avoid multi treasure guardian that have already been sighted.

The TC will always be a safe area at game start and as you get closer to the center of the map it progressively becomes more deadly to explore. This is what i want to change slightly, more so in the mid to late game as treasure guardians are killed off MORE will spawn either from the center and/or the edges of the map that are not targetable and will randomly settle an open spot or just strait up attack the nears thing as soon as it spawns.

Was thinking some of these mid-late game treasures could be temporary historical “hero’s/figures” that you rescued(or hired?) that buff your army or your economy depending on what type of hero spawns and where you place them and only for a limited time. A lot could be done here the ideas are endless so ill leave it at that for now.

With these changes it could lead to more changes/needing to the Explorer cards adjusting to the new environment. Speaking of environment I would like to suggest environment effects like rain/snow/lighting/strong winds/large waves/sand storms. They don’t need to be visually convoluted or cluttering of the screen but something along the idea of “don’t stand in fire” aspect(red is bad and green is good)

The main focus is just to update the treasure guardians as they seem to be the least touched other then adding a few new ones with new maps. And so much could be done with them as you can add more “boss” like treasure guardians that are also historical figures. Also to make it more noob friendly in teaching them how to use the explorer. And limit the over all cheesiness of killing current treasure guardians by maybe buffing there speed and attack if engaged for to long(enrage mechanic lol)


Would like to add additional changes to/add Tool Tips into each card giving a detailed description on not just what the card does but what its role/purpose is for and in what situations would be best to use.
For example a detailed description of “8 pikemen” would be something like “Unit cards are great for small and short term games and could have immediate impact on the field and not recommended for long term games; pikemen are good at countering and/or deterring hand cavalry also sieging buildings. The sooner unit cards are sent and are utilized the better the out come of battle will be, complacency threatens, attack at once!” Something along those details; this is suppose to help newer players more then anyone else when it comes to the deck system.

Also when making farms and estates would like a voice warning and/or another description in detail to remind the player if they are sure they have used all natural resources that are near by as gathering from farms and estates are far slower and costly to make and upgrade, maybe even a player only ping that they can see/hear of the goldmine and hunts near by and even highlighting them. Kind of like some RTS games have voice over when constructing unnecessary buildings at certain times in the game to help newer players out and can just turn it off in the settings.

Over all my goal is to have a more noob friendly start/intro into age of empires 3 while still keeping the long term veterans happy by hopefully having a bigger player base in the future.

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Nice work, very interesting ideas!
But better to address issues and Pathfinding!