Make Age of Empires 4 for Xbox too!

I know I’m committing the capital crime for a PC game, but I would love for it to come out on Xbox too! Heck why not! I have my kids on Xbox because it’s way safer for parental control than a PC. I feel like that’s the best way to introduce the next generation of young kids to check out Age of empires and RTS games in general! Please make this happen, some kid games on the Xbox are mentally insulting, lol! Also, it will teach them elements of history. Double win!!


RTS do not work well on consoles.


An Xbox version would certainly be a nice thing. More people could jump in that way.


It depends on what you want. No you can’t customize your settings as much or have hotkeys or basic mouse and keyboards for more button controls. But I feel the basic controls could be dumbed down enough for Xbox to make it fun.

Yes! Ditto that Sance231!

Aaaaaannnnnnnndddddd NO!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Yes

Hmmm i don’t know, Creative Assembly did it incredibly well with Halo Wars 2 for Xbox but well, then again, it’s a game way more simple than Age of Empires. Specially the way you build your base it’s simplyfied and that makes the things a lot easier to manage.

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That’s a good Point InRagnaroK. Halo wars was a simpler games in some ways. But I really think this can be a winner if they add a more streamline control system for Xbox with AOE4. We’ve got good developers!

Dude, you can get your xbox game, but i don’t want a wheel selection UI in my mouse and keyboard setup. Halo wars 1 & 2 had that type of UI, and I hated it. As long as UI is computer specific, I don’t care where they port the game…switch, ps4, ouya, stadia, android, apple etc.


As a PC gamer i don’t mind if Xbox players get a port as long as they make an special and different UI for it. I always liked the game ports to consoles so everybody can share the same love and awesomeness for the games as i do for the games i love.
I remember talking wonderful things about Age of Mythology with a friend that couldn’t play it because he was a console player.

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Agreed! And I had friends bound to Xbox as well! It was a bummer but that’s why a good port is a welcome transition that AO3 needs!

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this type of game wouldn’t work well on a console (unless you want it to be an unplayable army simulator then have fun). Age of empires is a True RTS and like many True RTS games, they are keyboard and Mouse dependant.

Also, the only reason why its being published by Xbox is that Xbox games studios for PC games was originally called Microsoft Games Studios.

Here’s a fact which I know because of youtube comments on AOE IV. One of them said this “Aoe II was released on the PS2 but Ensemble had to rework the whole game so it could be playable on the PS2”. Now here is my question. Do you want Relic Entertainment to rework AOE IV so it can have controller support when most RTS games support more keys than what a controller has to offer because Age of Empires has 103 Hotkeys. That is more than what the controller has. Now if you were a game developer. How would you replace 103 hotkeys with a controllers that has 17 hotkeys.

I respect your viewpoint. But I think This game would work in console form. Halo wars is 1 example. If you can push the buttons into a simplified mechanic on the game. I think it will work. Heck one of the biggest pc strategy games Civilization 6 , just came out on the consoles and it works pretty good. Is it simplified yes, does it work well I think so. I know civilization isnt age if empires, but age of enpires has other games like it on the xbox. Who remembers supreme commander?

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would not work

Many console players don’t look at an aoe console edition.

Im sure they will. With the M/KB feature why not take advantage of it?


So I thought the main feature of the console-controller is having not one, but 2 joysticks.

The Age of Empires Games do have some visual considering obstacles, but we are not looking from a units perspective, but an empire’s so one of the joysticks are redundent.
If you catalogued that redundent joystick into 4; arrows, up, down, left, right and the 4 inbetween = 8. You could then maybe get 8 x 12 hotkeys + 17 hotkeys = 113 hotkeys. (96 of these requiring a double-use of buttons)
The placement of buildings would be route-squarish. But can be rotated though.
The Building UI-display would be cycled in two…
Its basically a complete workover.
And microing units is not possible, so its just amassment and direct, auto-attack and let chaos be in your favor :confused:

All placement and management would be delayed due to pin-point-accuracy-loss.

So the units would have to gain ’I locate self’ programming to overcompensate, so settlers go at wherever wood is closest to harvest etc.

It doesnt sound as bad now that I have put it in words actually.
But the whole element of ’how-will-this-unit-perform-this-action’ would possibly dissapear on X-Box from User to direct, or become a tactic-button-list.

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Even if it did. I researched this on the forgotten empires site (hd and definitive edition devs). It said their main development environment are Windows and mobile (the mobile game isn’t aoe but their own strategy game, also on steam, pretty much like civ). Also you would have to admit. The definitive editions are still using the Genie engine (the original aoe 1 and 2 game engine). More than likely the Genie engine has no console support.

I am up for a console if the game forces Keyboard/Mouse to play.

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