Make age of empires avalable for xbox consoles

Bring age of empires to xbox consoles please with this xbox game pass people are feeling riped off that they cant even play 1 of these games, i thpught the consept of the xbox game pass for pc was to bring great xbox console game to the pc community, but this is not intirerly the case with the xbox console users missing out on this cross platform selection, please try to make all xbox games on the xbox game pass avalable to all so we can get this cross platform ball roling. From your aussie mate seasondsloth


while that would be benefitial since more players will have access to such good games rts on console in general is sth really tough to make well (since keyboard for an rts is superior to a controller) but there will also be some more complications with porting stuff that are written on pc for the xbox coding language and if none of the things above are a problem multiplayer will cetraintly be if it’s cross-plathformed since pc players will have an unfair hardware advantage

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Not sure about the hardware advantage compared to a series X/S I would think given the price of chips at the moment there won’t be any gap for a while and the X is well above most pc users systems

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i didn’t mean it literally though by “hardware advantage” i meant people playing on keyboard while console people being on controller (and keyboard is wayyy more comfortable for rts)

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I’m in agreement with @ImmenseCoast515, RTS games require precise input/ easy access to a number of hot keys to be played comfortably - you could argue that its has been done before (Ancestors Legacy, Halo Wars to name a couple) but if you look at those games in particular you are commanding squads of soldiers rather than singular units - I could imagine a console gamer finding it quite hard managing 200 individual units quickly and easily and to be done in a way which is fun whereas in Ancestors legacy you have a max of 10 squads which is 20x less than when at max pop in AoE (assuming every unit only takes 1 population)

So I think this really isn’t a question of ripping off console gamers when they have the gamer pass, more of a question as to whether or not the game has been designed for console play.

On another note can a mouse and keyboard work with the most recent consoles? If they can then I guess that would be a good way to pose a counter argument and get AoE4 for console and implement cross platform play.

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The age of empires series is a PC game series and it would maybe destroy the game if they made it worse bwecause of the xbox version.

I dont know if (age of empires the age of kings) was only built for the PS2 back in the day as i use to play it all the time and the console controles are kinda already there and if so why not consentrate on bringing a age of empires game to the world that does allow for these changes, there is no reason a xbox cant pull this off with keybord capabilitys witch im pritty sure the xbox s and higher have.

I don’t feel like it’s a bad thing to bring the game to the Xbox console. In terms of controller I feel that the Halo Wars franchise did quite well (and we can’t really ignore the ties Halo Wars has with Age of Empires can we?). Besides, be it power or coding, I feel like porting it shouldn’t pose as much trouble as with past generations (at least from what I’ve heard).

The main concern would probably be crossplatform play but that doesn’t need to happen right away or can be optional. I’m sure console players aren’t asking to play against PC players, they just want a chance to play the game.

Most people that buy a console (especially this generation and with the pandemic) probably have a low to medium spec computer or might only have a computer tailored towards work that can’t even run the game.


Doubtful that it will happen. Age is a pretty complex rts and the I don’t know if there is a way to dumb the controls down enough for consoles, not enough buttons and such

In my opinion this is only a easy button mapping system with the option to hold down a button, vary the strength of that button being pushed(trigers),and the fact that you can hold down the lb(left button) wilst pushing forward on the thumb stick and then pressing A with the other hand makes this problem seriously easy to overcome with a bit of initiative.

That was a mouthful and no one would ever want to play it on consoles if they could only ever play it on easiest and easy difficulties, cause we all know MP is out of the question. Consoles can’t micro, they can’t use hotkeys, ect.

Did you guys every play Halo Wars? The only thing the game could not do was create groups from units if I recall but the wheel system control scheme worked great.

EDIT: It actually allows you to create groups, colour me impressed there’s still stuff idk about the game and I call myself a fan…

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Oath. With the insane ammout of conbinations of controles capable its hard to belive that they could not make a game that we can all participate in, and truthfully would just be happy to be able to build a army and destroy a wall right now haha but the sheer lack of any game is the head scratcher.

Halo Wars is a lot less complex than age of empires imo and they made it for consoles not for PC and port it to consoles

The only difference in Halo Wars is the amount of buildings, building placement (which was locked to a predetermined spot) and population (each unit has its own value in the pop pool).

If you take all that off the equation, it’s as complex as AoE I think and it was only done that way mostly because the previous consoles weren’t all that powerful.

EDIT: Honestly tho, if it’s possible or not shouldn’t be for us to decide. I think this was more of a “I want it! Whose with me!?” kinda post.

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Halo wars has far less civs, units, buildings, maps, and features that Aoe has
But I agree, we are going off topic here

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You can use wired USB mice and keyboards for navigation in select games and apps, and—with a keyboard—getting around on Xbox. Note Xbox supports the use of mouse and keyboard in some games and apps, but it doesn’t work for all content.


Mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox console | Xbox Support

](Xbox Support)

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I somewhat disappointed on the lack of AoE4 for the console considering Xbox/MS stance on delivering to as many players on their platforms as possible. Since Halo is coming to PC, the other way around should be possible but maybe just maybe it’s something planned for the future after the PC launch.

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They said they are focused on making it as good as it can be for PC

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I can respect that and hopefully that means console isn’t off the table for future updates.

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