Make Arrowslits a Free upgrade

I like having more options in strategy. In the current state of the game, building towers outside of a tower rush makes very little sense - they’re superbly weak. Making arrowslits free could potentially make some civs like japanese or koreans be able to use towers as a viable tactic going into the late game, without changing a trush any stronger than it is. Food for thought.


Unfortunately, towers aren’t used a lot, and they won’t. Castles can create units, research technologies.

No, there was a tournament where Tatoh humiliated everyone by going towers with arrowlist when it was a castle age upgrade, there is no need to go back to cancerous strategies.

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But they already are the only civs that use late-game towers often.

On another note, is there anyone else who think the distribution of arrowslit is a complete mess? Why do Aztecs get it even tho they will never use it AND it doesn’t make much sense historically while for other civs like Slavs or Magyars it would make some sense? Other civs that could totally use it (like Ethiopian) don’t get it either…

I agree on that some buffs for arrowslits to make them more viable is needed. But not make them free. Players have to pay for the techs and give them option to research or not is good for more strategical depth.
I would change arrowslits +3 or +4 attack regardless of the tower type (Guard Tower/Keep). It give more incentive to the civs which have arrowslits but don’t have keep research arrowslits and use Guard Tower in late game.

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