Make Camel Scouts and Imperial Camel Riders regional units

I think what would make camel civs more interesting is if some of them have access to the Camel Scout and some have access to the Imperial Camel Rider. For instance, perhaps the Berbers could have the Camel Scout, while the Saracens have the Imperial Camel Rider. Giving some civs access to one or the other could strengthen their identity a bit and make them more different from each other as well.


It will be almost impossible to balance properly without making both civs OP, Berber camel scouts won’t see any play because the unit is too expensive to be used here, but Saracen Imperial Camels would be OP as hell for TGs.


I don’t oppose the idea of making them regional, but it would be very hard to balance them all. Camel scout and Imp camel were designed to be exclusive in mind from the very beginning.

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