Make delhi great (again?)

The recent patch has definitely made delhis prowess more noticeable. Yet there are still more bugs and I suggest a few more balance changes to seriously make delhi a Mongol level civ.

Tower elephants need to at least get blacksmith arrow attack buffs and incendiary arrows buff.

Tower of victory needs to more closely give ALLLLLL infantry a flat 15% attack speed boost. (This alone would give delhi an aggression age 2 option).

Research times per age should be as such:
Dark age: 2x-2.5x regular time
Feudal age: 2.5x-3x regular time
Castle age: 4x-4.5x regular time
Imperial age: 9x-10x regular time.

The corresponding scholar count needed to reduce each Research time down to normal times are as followed:
Dark age: 6 scholars
Feudal age: 9 scholars
Castle age: 13 scholars
Imperial age: 25 scholars.

My reasoning behind the scholars is it should be cheaper to reduce the earlier age up Research times but much much harder to do so with the latter upgrades. Also it’s not like you have to make 25 fresh scholars come Imperial but rather you build on the number you already had from Castle. There is no way a decent player in a long game doesn’t have at least 9 scholars by Imperial. ALSO YOU NEVER ACTUALLY NEED NORMAL Research times. You can get around normal times effectively by building multiple research buildings and if you consider the time the opponent is spending gathering the resource for an upgrade is basically the time you spent waiting for your delhi upgrades.

Don’t really get your point but Delhi already great again XD.
Cuz must of rounds with Delhi would be finished in age 3


The bug listed among the others need to be fixed. Also those are small sample sizes and it doesn’t show per map.

It actually does show the win rate per maps.
Delhi is in a really good spot right now, it doesn’t need nerfs or buffs.


thats too small a sample size; this can literally be 1 to 2 players stats; for you to use win rates you need 100s if not 1000s of samples to draw a strong conclusion.

REGARDLESS there are several several bugs in the game, in Delhi specifically that need to be corrected.

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One thing you are right. Animation cancel with elephant must be corrected.
And Delhi fish boat rush should be nerf

We already had an old god(Mongol currently) and you going to create another?

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Bugs from delhi should be fixxed, but they do not need any form of buff as of rn. They’re very strong civ especially how much free resource and freedom they get from not having to concern events in match to start upgrades

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It was you started, not me.
Fixing bug is right, but make Delhi a Mongol level ?
Tower elephant in my opinion it already have 2 archers with 13 damage,huge HP, high melee atk and able to shoot while moving . Much better than other Cav archer unit.

Delhi have half price scholar with Age 2 landmark, and if you play Delhi a lot you would find that you would never need that much scholars to do so

And you mentioned there was no enough sample. So I am putting here to show you, If that is trolling, OK, Then I have nothing to say about it. I haven’t said that we should not fix bug cuz its strong. I don’t want to see that Delhi BUFF LIKE MONGOL level

Fish boat rushing should nerf, kind like Mongol TR

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Maybe but fishboat rush is easy to stop and not like mongol TR is huge set back but if delhi pulls 5 fishing boats they lose the 5 boats of economy

The Dev has mention prior that they don’t seriously want to lower the power of mongols but rather bring every other civ up to their power level.

You’re not making a strong point why tower elephants should not receive standard blacksmith and university upgrades? Rus horse archers get upgrades?

Indeed if they only fix the Tower of Victory 15% speed buff bug, Tower Elephants attack upgrades properly, and food trickle bug; I believe those 3 bugs alone will make delhi seriously mongol level.

Why? We want all of the Civs to be as good as Mongols (well, the Devs want that). I only play Delhi. Delhi is better than ever, just needs remaining bug fixes plus minor adjustments to some units.

Then they can work on bringing the other Civs to the same level and we’ll have a much more fun game balance.

Delhi is great now , one of the strongest civs .

I don’t think they should get buffed , but they should fix the bugs

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