Make Gaia units unconvertible?

Is there a simple way to make a Gaia Unit inconvertible (to P1) in the Scenario Editor?

I’m trying to do an 8P map in which the players are supposed to go to explore the map, but they would be encountering and conquering ciites from “neutrals”. I want the neutrals to attack (defend their land), but without having to sacrifice a player to make him “the neutral”.

I know it can be done in Random Map scripting (Battle Royale), but I haven’t found a way to do the same in Scenarios.

Any ideas?


i havent worked on scenarios in a while but i remember that u have to make a trigger which changes the ownership of a object from a player that might convert it to gaia and than click on the trigger (where u can change the description) and set loop on (i dont remember the exact name of this but there are only 2 of these so try them out urself)