Make landmarks stone (FL Nerf)

The game really is being destroyed by a few metas right now, that really make it no fun to play quickmatch with a decent ELO. Fire lancers in particular are just broken. Every game in 3v3 4v4 one or two players on each team has to prioritize stone walls all game. You have to pray you don’t have a Rus or Mongol near the chokepoints or you should just surrender.

On the flipside China does feel weak besides their FL and bombards. So nerfing one or both is tough on china players. I think you could decrease the firelancers mobility slightly. Then just make landmarks made of stone, so its not a landmark snipe scenario. They would still do massive damage to buildings destroying forward bases and raiding, but also still have a role in unit comp for their charge attack and anti siege. Making landmarks of stone seems to make some sense being rams are used even early in most every attack unless your just raiding anyway. I think the exception to this rule should be your landmark town center. Which should be damaged by average torches like any other TC.

Thoughts on this idea? I see how it could effect other things in game though. Such as an all cav push wouldn’t be as effective if there were landmarks of stone. Also another thought could be making players use stone to repair their landmarks? This creates more of a use for stone and a requirement to have it. Right now a player can just quick build his base back if he has the wood… Also stone walls are repaired with wood right now :joy: lol… wtf. You would probably have to increase stone in each out cropping to match for instance gold amounts. But i think it would create much more of a need for harvesting stone. Right now i harvest a little for my early game then usually just buy it mid/late game with little to no eco required on it.

land mark victory should be reworked ASAP in TGs.

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Landmark victory should just be a game mode you can choose if you want. Conquest should be the standard victory condition.

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I could get on board with dark and feudal landmarks being wood and castle/imperial being made of stone.

Or to complicate things, TC and Landmark 1 are wood until castle age, when all landmarks turn to stone.