Make light cav attacks 'sticky' like how torchers chase siege

Light cav were kind of awful before and have been made a little bit worse at their job after this latest update, and they have issues dealing with archers and crossbowmen as army numbers start scaling up when they’re presumably supposed to be hard counters to them.

One of the issues that they get hit with in their job fighting ranged units AND as their job as harassers is that they root down to the spot to complete their melee animations and then have to start running again to pursue whatever they were fighting if that target moves. Running villagers? Traders? Ranged units? Retreating infantry or other cav? They get their one attack and then have to spend a long time catching back up to them to hit again.

My proposal is that they are able to move and attack, much like how they are currently able to go into a trot and match the movement speed of a fleeing siege weapon while continuing to throw torches. Against villagers this would make them deadlier as raiders without turning them into invincible gods by adjusting other stats. Against ranged units like archers, crossbowmen, and horse archers it’d mean that once they actually make contact with those units, they won’t be able to attack move shuffle away from the fight to drastically drop the light cav DPS.

It would also prevent the problem when their targets are doing the attack move shuffle where they’ll get stuck on each other when one in the front gets an attack off and have to spend time running around them in a forever rotating blob of getting-stuck-on-each-other cavalry.