Make ludicrous black forest great again

It generates like scaled up 8-player or giant. Roads are super wide. Relics spawn next to players. HD managed to do it more dynamically and made it more exciting. See images for example:

HD ludicrous black forest:
Age of Empires II HD Screenshot

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DE ludicrous black forest:

I don’t usually complain about these sort of things and don’t know if there are even developers in this community but could a blackforest hd option be added in future updates.


I’ve actually played some ludicrous DE black forest games, pretty fun. Definitely a lot less pathways than expected, although I think the roads and relics were basically correct.

The roads were still really wide but with less branching. The relics in the HD is mainly just because ludicrous in HD always spits out a ton of relics equally spaced apart.

It appears one of the recent updates brought this mode closer to what it used to be in HD. I don’t know if I should call it a fix as it’s all purely preference based but it’s definitely an improvement to me.

Thank you AoE developers for making Ludicrous Black Forest Great again!