Make Medicine an Age 1 Card - Ports would love it

The new Medicine card cuts the price of vils in 15%. Its an age 3 card and a kind of usless card at that age when it has to compete with all the unit shipments and all the major upgrades for those same units or even eco upgrades.

As an age 1 card, medicine would be useful as it would provide the basis for a boom (as a long term bonus) or the player would have to choose a more imediate buff like 3 vils.

This would be a particular buff for Ports who either send eco theory, schooners or 300w or no card. Medicine would bring a good buff and would be playable, also improving their survivability through Commerce Age. Other civs might not consider it so great as they have their strats tied with good cards such as heavenly kami, distributivism (which is basically 4 vils on wood) or blueberries.

What do you think


Medicine is an Age 2 card for several civs, and an Age 3 card for others. This is not to say that making it Age 1 wouldn’t make it more attractive, but it might be too good. I don’t know though. Balance ain’t my thing.

With medicine, they would get a 85f vils which is a big boost, and allows them to be extra competitive in the commerce age, as they are really food intensive.

The issue is always the food cost of vils being balanced with their food heavy units (they are the only civ in which this happens and that does not have a unit or card to compensate this. (Russians have lower cost vils, brits make manors, aztec and lakota get vils shipments (among other things) French have CtB, Germs have SW, Dutch cost coin, Swedes, inca and japs have houses with resources, indians get extra vils, spain gets vils + extra shipments.

In the ESOC patch ports had vils costing 85f, now they cost 100f but have better gathering from berries and hunts, that bonus alone is not enough as stated by their ranking in non water maps. By the cost of a card (and not a feature, the player would have to choose between an early eco boost or 85f vils).

Again, for other civs this just wont work as good as it will for ports as they have their eco tied to other cards that are more relevant.

Either way some civs can still get it in age 2 or 3…

I agree, it is trash card when age2 or age3.
More cards need to send prior to this.

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Just what’s available in age 2, It would be a great benefit for the Portuguese.

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