Make new Home City system optional

The new Home City system where there are less cards and they are all accessible should be optional.

I can understand that the change makes things more balanced for multiplayer, but it completly destroys the sense of progress, especially for players that play mostly play single player.
And since there are not even cosmetic changes for the newer civilizations the XP system makes no sense for them.

All in all the best solution would be something like the choice between Deathmatch and Supremacy in the original AOE3.
Which would basically give the player the ability if they want to play with the original or the new System. And you could filter for the type of home city you use during mltiplayer.

All in all I find it sad, that they choose to change a core element of the game to make it more appealing to fans of the previous games without thinking about the fans of the original AOE3.

So: make it optional and eveyone can be happy.