Make post-game stats timeline more intuitive to read

Currently the post-game stats timeline is displayed as a percentage stacked area graph. But I think this is a bad fit for the kind of data displayed. It completely disregards the changes of the overall total, i.e. the total number of units in the game. If one player produces units it intuitively looks like another player loses units. Or maybe he actually lost units and none were produced. You just don’t know (the few totals on the bottom rarely help).

A normal stacked area graph would be a much better fit. In that kind of graph a wider or narrower area does actually correspond to this exact change in unit number and it is therefore much more intuitive.

Example: (from


It would be nice to be able to switch between these modes. Sometimes the percentage stacked graph is better, when small numbers that matter a lot would otherwise be hard to see.

The normal stacked graph would work well in team games and 1v1, with everything balanced around a straight horizonal line in the middle, with one player/team above the line and the other player/team below the line.

AoE3 DE has a very good post-game stats
It will be very cool to have at least that in AoE2 DE