Make ranged units hit their closest units like starcraft

unlike archers, crossbowmen waste it’s dps too much to just killing one unit due to their slow attack speed. So ideally, they should have countered MAA and Knights but they actually do not counter them that much.

and units like trebuchets waste it’s damage too much in destroying just one building or unit while A move on the ground. which makes this unit more of a trash.

In a perfect archery world, we wouldn’t have any wasted volleys, however, micro is a big necessity in any game to get the best bang for your buck.

micro in aoe4?
animation canceling? 10/10 micro.

4 Elephants + animation cancelling = bf’bf’bf’bf’bf’bf

  • No landmark stands up to the power of PEANUT OIL Pachyderms!

Pro Micro AAA++++++++++

No micro with ranged units is bad.