Make relics useful in game with more than 2 players


In game with more than 2 players (1vs1) relics are a bit useless. You don’t have to fight for them. If you have them is great but it’s not important.
It could be great if relics incomes depends of the number of player or teams.
Actually, relic generate 0,5g per second
I beleive it will became more interesting if relic generate 0,25g*(number of teams or players)/second

If you always have a lithuanians player in the games relics matter

yes, but lithuanians it’s like adding something to relics to make them important.
It’s like Malay, before Raja fish trap was useless because it was too much macro.
Then with Raja, with Malay you can use them efficiently and
then DE patch the macro hell to renew fish trap and
now they remove the infinit food of fish trap for malay because it became useless in term of macro and logic less to have infinit food.

I hope they will do the same for relics.

I beleive they do this kind of stuff in new civ, like a beta. They try things. Like the health of transport ship. Actually they are too weak to transport unit if you don’t have a lot of power and with a new civ they try to give more health to them.
Sorry for my english

Relic still have a niche use before there is trade. Also they can be used as a scouting help, because relics don’t spawn too close to a player’s base in most maps, it means if you see a relic you have to scout somewhere else to find the enemy.

Relics have never been really well implemented in AOE2. Originally when developing AOE2, you were supposed to have different kinds of relics (for different saints) and they would have different effects, but in the end all of that was scrapped and it just gave a 30G/minute trickle. Easier to balance, but this also meant relics aren’t that important anymore, especially at low/mid elo. They are of course good for Lithuanians and also for Burgundians and Aztecs and their teammates. The Burmese team bonus also helps. For most civs, while they aren’t bad, especially on lower elo it is usually worth more to spend your time optimizing your economy. Just make sure your opponents don’t run away with all the relics.