Make reskin mod legit

Dedicated thread to gather support for the Omkar unit reskin mod and hopefully make the developers remove the ridiculus mechanic that makes using the mod in campaign count as a cheat :slight_smile: any thoughts about how to make them change their minds? :slight_smile:


Visual mods are fine, isnt it?

For example: i use the small tree mod. That is not considered as cheating by the game.

Do you need a data mod to reskin the units in a civ-specific manner?

It should definitely be fine, but I can imagine it would be some work to allow civ-specific reskins as a pure visial mod, without sacrificing performance.
I have no idea how to convince the devs to do anything.

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From what i understand from the creator its only a reskin mod :o have not noticed anything different when playing it.

Omkar reskin mod is a data mod

Which cannot be added as an exception. Because data mods offer a different dataset

I agree, civ specific unit/building graphics mods shouldn’t count as cheating, the problem is that they require data mods and you can’t separate them from mods that actually change stats. The solution would be to make a way to separate the units graphics per civ without using a data mod.

Yeah, data mods are cheating. So if you need to manipulate data to het something changes visual, it is not allowed in scenario’s.

A reskin mod is not cheating (if anything it puts you at a disadvantage) but it’s very understandable that it needs to access the unit data, because currently units from different civs point at the same graphics files. These internal references are ‘data’.

I can’t really see how they’d fund a project to allow reskin mods to not be data-mods, and do it well, unless they introduce a reskin mod DLC.
And if they’d do a half-assed job, modding would become significantly harder, which would hurt the game/community in the long run.