Make seasonal biomes stay for ever - we need a good winter biome

i like the seasonal biomes alot. (ok the blue fantasy one was a bit to weird)

it´s sad to see them disappear after few weeks. and even sadder, because the game has no really good winter biome.
i ve been missing a good winter theme since release. taiga winter is more like the ugly time of winter, where the snow is melting and mud is everywhere. we need a nice beautiful winter map.

so in my opinion they should give it to us, as xmas-present.

please devs, think about it and make it so

I second this. I have a soft spot for the scary halloween ish one myself. The variety this allows would be quite nice.

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yeah, this was also really nice.

I remember that the original aoe 2 didnt had a winter biome until the conquerors came.

It would be nice for this biome to stay.