Make selling/buying at market individual to each player in Deathmatch

As per the subject title, what do you think about making selling/buying at the market individual to each player - specifically for Deathmatch due to the opening resources?

In my view, it’s an overdue change, as taking the market in a 1v1 setting can provide a large advantage over other players, plus in team games it can boost the gold of a lesser capable civ, which can then be slung to teammates and boost their opener.

Whilst you could argue that, if each player had their own individual selling/buying of resources at the market (and this wasn’t globally shared) that it could lead to much larger collective slings to a single and much harder hitting civ, it goes without saying that this makes the strategic aspect much more compelling.

Deathmatch has been on the downward slide for a while now, but it could do with a little injection to refresh it somewhat. It’s a really small change that could have a huge impact on how 1v1 and team games are played out. For example, if a player opted to take market much later in the game and make a push when the other player holds 3+ relics. From a spectating point of view, this would be much more entertaining than the current monotony of waiting for a game to play itself out on an ever so slightly increasing advantage in gold over 30/45/60 minutes+!

Would be good to know what the thoughts are of the devs and other players!




I want a private market as a potential civ bonus for a new civ, it’s an idea I’ve had for a while now. Basically when you buy or sell, it alters the prices negatively for you enemies (Not if it increases sell profit or decreases buy cost, only decreasing profit and increasing buy cost), but what the enemy does doesn’t impact you. Basically you have your own private version of the market that no-one else can impact, but you can impact their markets.

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