Make the Chinese Territorial Army more viable in the Industrial Age

As you can already see in the title I want to talk about the Territorial Army that you can build in the War Academy with the Chinese. As it stands now you go Chu Ko Nu in Colonial Age, Arquebusier and Changdao in the Fortress Age just to go back to building Chu Ko Nu in the Industrial Age?

Well you might not know it however its not only because the card Old Dynasty Reforms (Age 4). No it is also because of the fact that Chu Ko Nu simply have way more base damage than their Skirmisher counterpart and have way more card upgrades which additionally leads to the fact they even end up having more hp.

If you also add to the fact that China has no Advanced Arsenal to buff their gunpowder units, the idea to build Territorial Army in the lategame gets more and more crushed simply because they are not only bad, but also because you have such a better alternative namely the Chu Ko Nu.

I know many think Chinese are borderline OP, however not being able to use your Gunpowder unit because they get hard outperformed by a man with repeater crossbow in a game thats themed around the 16th-19th century makes me feel really sad. Like why am I not able to freely decide which unit I want to use in Age 4 but am forced to use one because the other is just that bad.

What I want is either a card that buffs the Territorial Army or atleast the Arquebusier in the Industrial Age depending on the margin of the upgrade it obviously also increases the cost of the unit.

Another possible solution would be giving China access to the 2 Advanced Arsenal upgrades “Flintlock” and “Paper cartridge”, however that begs the question where you put these upgrades.

Alternatively if you want to nerf Chinas FF why dont you just nerf the Porcelain Tower in Age 3 instead of lowering the base damage of Chinese Arquebusiers. Because as far as I’m concerned the problem with China’s FF is not their OP units but the ability to field them despite having no map control.

I hope you guys were able to follow me this far, any thoughts on this?

1.If we can send a card called ”Battle of Ulan Buh“in age3(cost 500 gold),this will make all the flamethrowers become “Golden Dragon Cannon”,a kind of Artillery similar to the falconet,they have same range with the falconet,but they are cheaper and weaker.
2.if we can send a card called”Qing-Burmese War“in age4 ,this will make handmortar more effective.I want to make it 500 gold.
Although the handmortar has a high cost performance,it is still very weak for each unit.So we must keep a large number of them,then we have to face the problem of line up and pathing issue,this problem bring a lot of trouble to the Chinese players.The handmortar will be renamed as “General Mortar” ,will be added additional 50% basic damage,speed will be increase to 3.5,will damage 2 area,get 2X bonus damage against the infantry(infact they are very effective against infantry in history,but I still need to keep the balance),and will give them incendiary shells with a burning damage-over-time effect.To ensure that,it will cost 2 populations and it will cost additional +50% resource.After this enhance,we can use less number of handmortars to complete our goal,
3.I will not count on the flying crow,If we can send a card called“Battle of Yaksa”in age4,it will cost 1000 gold,all of the flying crow a new unit,”Invincible General Cannon“.This kind of cannon is similar to the Heavy Cannon,but the differences is it’s basic damage is 150,fire rate is 5,and it can automaticly update along with age up,just like flying crows.The ”Invincible General Cannon“ is main heavy weapon of the Qing Empire’s army,not like the flying crow is just based on stereotype.
I wish that the developers will accept those advices and looking forward to them in the future update.