Make the matchmaking requirement Higher

I’m having a problem where some of the matches i play on matchmaking are 20 fps because these people have some how passed the benchmarking test.

Unless you only need 20 fps to pass it? In which case it really should be raised to at-least 50-60. It’s not competitive if you’re missing two thirds of the games frames.

If it always had to be 50-60 then I wouldn’t get to play … so I’m voting no.

Games broken, I wouldn’t worry about matchmaking until they get all their ducks in order.

The fact that players with lower end rigs can still play ranked is a good thing. Otherwise the player base would be drastically limited because a great deal of AoE2 players have low-end rigs.

I’m extremely happy that despite low FPS and a low end rig I’m still able to play the game.

MS, please don’t make the matchmaking requirements harder. Not to mention that this would upset a lot of players, such as myself, who were previously passing the test and able to play. It’s like booting a whole bunch of people out of the game.

Please, Devs, don’t listen to the OP … it’s fine the way it is. Don’t make it toughter on people than it already is.


Talking about income and getting personal is pretty messed up. Some of us are too disabled to hold down a full time job.

I do have a PC that is less than 10 years old. My PC came out in 2014 and it cost me £500 … I had to use my backdated disability benefits, when I first got on disability, to buy it … otherwise I would have never afforded it. The fact that poorer people can play too is a good thing.

It’'s incredibly selfish and wrong to kick a large portion of the community out after already allowing them to pass the benchmark. Not everybody who plays AoE2 can hold down a full time job or is from a country where they can afford a non-low end rig. And the devs made it clear that they did consider optimizing performance of low-end rigs something for them to focus on. The fact that I can play it on my PC is a great thing.

I don’t meet the recommended specs but I meet the minimum specs … so changing the minimum specs after the fact and booting people out of ranked, when plenty of players such as myself, don’t play it casually and, therefore, need to stay on ranked mode, is messed up.

Seriously … it makes no sense to exclude a large portion of the community. We’re not all like you and you’re clearly only thinking of yourself and those who can afford what you can afford.

People, such as myself, shouldn’t be booted out of ranked after the fact when we’ve already passed. Either keep the benchmark the way it is or lower it slightly. Certainly don’t increase it. Keep it the way it is or include more people … don’t boot people out after the fact.


The game isn’t broken. The server issues are being fixed and only some people are having performance issues.

This is to be honest highly inappropiate.


Again, extremely rude. You could have gotten your point across in a decent manner, but instead you choose to be highly agressive where there is no need for it. Chill out.


Darn, I tried to click edit post but I hit delete by mistake.

Anyway, I was just trying to explain that it’s wrong that when I respond to your thread by telling you why this is a bad idea and that it would be a great injustice to boot a bunch of people out of ranked after letting them in (either keep it the same or include more people, don’t boot people out after the fact) … it’s wrong that after I explain that your responses have been about attacking poorer people or people who can’t hold down a full time job … and describing my response as virtue signalling … when if anybody is doing that it’s you because you’re trying to get all the people who can afford better comptuers on your side and you’re being incredibly selfish about the fact that there are poorer people who play this game competitively as well and it’s wrong to exclude them after the fact after already letting them in. The devs want to include as much of the AoE2 community as possible and they care about optimization for low-end rigs … and not everybody with a low end rig is a casual player … far from it. There are plenty of competitive players in poorer countries … and there are plenty of competitive players who are, for example, disabled, such as myself, and, no, can’t hold down a full time job … but that doesn’t mean we should be excluded. In fact, if we could hold down a full time job … we might have a lot less time to practice enough at the most competitive level.

The pro player DauT has said many times that he never had a full-time job himself … and if he did have one he may have never had the time to compete at such a high level. It makes zero sense to act as if only people with enough money for high end rigs can play competively.

And I don’t run the game at 20 FPS … I run it at 40 FPS and I meet hte minimum requirements just fine … I just don’t have ALL of the recommended ones.

The devs are attempting to reach as many players from the communtiy as possible … not just those such as yourself.

This is about uniting the community … not excluding people and dividing it.

What makes me sad about your replies is that you’ll push for forcing players to play at a low fps when they have put the time/effort into getting decent hardware, which is also destructive to the future of the competitive side of the game BUT because it benefits you, you’ll push for that outcome.

What? Nobody is being forced to play at a lower FPS!

It’s server-based. Their lower FPS doesn’t affect your higher FPS. If you’re getting a lower FPS then you’re actually one of those people you’re complaing about.

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And right there is where you’re completely wrong, low fps on the opponents side DOES affect your own.

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It’s not peer to peer.

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And even if that were true … it doesn’t justify (1) Booting people with lower end rigs out of the ranked system after you’ve already included them (2) Getting personal about people on lower incomes.

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I cant believe you wrote those paragraphs without actually knowing how it works.

Yeah back track, because right now you just look really silly

It’s all besides the point anyway because the point is that you can’t just focus on the people with higher end rigs and boot out the lower ones … and you can’t just insult people with less money than you.


You’re the only one on this thread who looks bad.

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Are you sure they are human?

Possibly, but that generally happens when someone’s wrong and switches to playing the victim, thanks for hijacking the thread without knowing how the game works btw.