Make the the architecture sets customizable for multiplayer or at least for skirmish!

With the new update there is a new feature which allows you to choose architecture set in the scenario editor. Please developers, make this feature available at least in singleplayer. You could change architecture sets in the game options. Persians with Saracen architecture are just disgusting.



It will make the option much more accessible if it is available on singleplayer and multiplayer skirmish setups! Please devs we need this option!


I don’t see the big deal honestly. Hun’s architecture for example in the game should be in little more than tents for the most part. Since they were nomads.

I did some test with it. If you pick random architecture. It seems to be civ’s normal architecture each time when you host a game. Unless, I got super lucky. Still, there probably should be a mode called matching architecture.

It is a big deal, now you can play Huns as East European or East Asian or Central Asian Architecture if you like. This opens up a wide range of possibilities. But unfortunately this feature is limited to scenario editor. Which means we will need to make a scenario everytime we want to use this new feature.

Adding it directly as an option within the skirmish setup can be so much more accessible. It adds a nice flavour to the game.

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