Make the UI great again

When do we get the new UI. The UI is really in need of an update currently the UI is a mess between pages looking like a medieval game and pages looking like a modern mobile game. Why isnt the UI update to something uniform?

The devs seems to have made the choice to have it look like a modern mobile game, but they seems to forgot to update half of the game, which it still stuck at the old skool look and feel. This creates a message UI.

We already have this more a long time and the devs seems to still ignore this issue. The UI is really in for a redo to make it fully uniform throughout the full game.

Just some examples. Look at multiplayer: ranked has still the old skool look and feel, while quick play has the modern mobile game look and feel. Why isnt this made uniform? There are many examples like this. This made it look like the UI is half done by the devs.

So when will the devs finish their job of making the UI great again?


Seems like i am one of the few (or even the only one) thinking that the current UI is bad…

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I think the UI is needed to be updated. However since the game is still full of problem like patchfinding, match making, map hack, cheating, wrong penalty etc, I think it suppress the need to updating the UI

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Aren’t these things done by other teams? For example: Fixing the engine for pathfinding is something else then designing a UI.

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Yes agree what you say. I think for a small indie company which maintaince aoe2, they don’t have much resource to do this stuff, although they keep create nice unit skin and icon which is not in high priority compared to UI design imho

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